Shiva – Full Episode 36 – The Wicked Angel

I can see a flying angel. Am I dreaming? Look, there’s an angel. Do not be so
astonished, my kids. I am the superior angel. The Lord is quite
gruntled with you all. He has sent a message. Keep up the good work. He will fill your lives
with elatedness. Wow! What is this? He is some alien. Let us inform Shiva about this. Shiva, come soon.
You won’t believe this. An angel is flying
at the Vedas square. Hurry up. One must ride the bicycle
with eyes forward. Shiva. Come on soon. We came to call you. Why did you come?
You should have called me. Oh! We didn’t think of it. Come on soon. An angel has arrived. Lord has asked me to proffer
you all with some reward. To make you all happy. One must get reward for a noble work. Flying angel! He is
surely some imposter. He is ploying them all. Yay! Chocolates!
– Yay! Hey! What is happening here? An angel in my zone! Angel! How is it possible? Angel, chocolate is the
reward for the juveniles. What reward do you
have for the elders? Wow!
– It is money! Money! Loot it all.
– It’s amazing. Come on.
– Attack! Laddu Singh, are you all right? Angel, grace us with some more money. Such a less amount of money
is not enough for us. I can only grace you with the
amount Lord has given me. Angel, have some mercy. Double the money that we have. Yes. Double them up. Okay. I am highly
pleased with you all. So all of you… …bring the money,
property, gold and silver. Keep it here tomorrow. I will multiply it with 1000. Hail, angel!
– Hail, angel! Hail, angel!
– Hail, angel! Hail, angel!
– Hail, angel! Hail, angel!
– Hail, angel! There’s surely something wrong. I’ll follow him and find it out. Boss, a lad is following you
on the bicycle. Look behind. Oh! He is not an ordinary lad. Anyway, a lad is a lad after all. Let me fix him now. Why are you following me, kid? Do not refer to me as a kid, uncle. Shiva. I am Shiva. That’s a nice name but
not more than Giddharaj. No one would hear
your name hereafter. Bye, Shiva. Shiva, the angel is again
going to come tomorrow. Do you have any plans? I will bring a big carry bag. I will fill it with the chocolates. I will bring my mom’s jewellery. And will return her after
transforming it 1000 times more. She will be happy. I’ve seen an angel for the
first time in my life. He is so cute. I think, he’s an imposter. He is an imposter. We’ll
disclose his truth tomorrow. I have asked Laddu Singh
to bring the rope gun. Rope gun! What is it? Wait till tomorrow. Friends, we have only one motive. Seize all the money… …make it one of ours. Tomorrow, we will
seize all the gold… …silver and money.
We will disappear from here. And meet at our old hide-out. Let’s have a party. Okay. The angel is here. Angel… …multiply our gold
and silver 1000 times. Here arrives the angel.
– Here comes the angel. Yes. Double our stuff.
– Oh, yes. Please, do it. Do it.
– Please, do it. My dear kids. The Lord is highly
pleased with you all. Really? When I told him… …that I wish to multiply
your jewellery and money… …into 1000 times more… …he said, not a 1000 times… Make it 2000 times more. People of Vedas
city are very nice. Yes. Do it. Yes. Do it. Come on, Sir! What is happening? This is my insult. I will exact revenge. Mr. angel. Now I will expose you
in front of everyone. Kid, my name is not Giddharaj… …if I don’t get you killed
by your own people. Heelsingh, prepare for plan B. A kid named Shiva has
misbehaved with me. Now all of you will
have to pay for this. No, angel. Don’t punish us
for someone else’s mistake. Go, finish him. He is tied up on the roof. The entire city will be… …destroyed by a
meteorite shower… …if he isn’t
finished by tomorrow. Oh! What’s this? It seems
the angel got angry. Shiva is responsible for all this. Finish him.
– Finish Shiva. Finish Shiva. Finish him.
– Finish Shiva. Finish him.
– Finish Shiva. Finish him. – Finish Shiva.
– We made a mistake. Finish him.
– Finish Shiva. Adi, UD. Let’s go.
We have to save Shiva. Finish him. Thanks, friends!
– Shiva, go fast! The crowd is coming to kill you. Boss, Shiva got away. Run! Come. Run! – Oh!
– Run! Run! Run! Shiva, it’s good that… …you called all of us here. Now they can’t get away from me. Mr. Laddu Singh.
– Yes. Their den must be there from where
these fire balls are coming. Let’s go there and teach
them a lesson. – Correct. I have only one slogan. Take everyone’s wealth
and make it ours. Yes. That’s right. Pedaram.
– Yes, sir. Take care of the kids.
– Okay. Shiva and I are going
to arrest them. Hey, you goons! You are under arrest. Where is your boss, Giddharaj? Tell him, his reign has ended. This kid has come again.
– Hey! Hey, don’t call him a kid. Shiva, help me! Don’t spare that kid. Run! Eggs! Eggs! Have tomatoes… …if you don’t like eggs. You have flown enough. Now let’s go the jail and
do whatever you want there. Look, the Angel has come. Looks like he has forgiven us. He will increase our gold
and silver, 2000 times more. Stop this! I got hit. Help! Help! Friends, the angel has
gone to the jail. It is me. Look. Now there won’t be any
fake angel… …in the radius of
50 kilometres. Because… …our Shiva has helped us… …in arresting that fake angel. Three cheers for Shiva. Hip hip hurray!
– Hurray! Hip hip hurray!
– Hurray! Hip hip hurray!
– Hurray! But where is Shiva? Yay! Shiva! He has come! Yay! He was a fake angel. We should always avoid such liars. You are right, Shiva.
– Yeah, well said!

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