Shiva – Full Episode 51 – The Danger of Human Bat

Welcome my dear friends. I can make miraculous things happen. That’s why, I can do
whatever I please. Hello, Eureka. Show us, how did you create
a miracle, this time? After years of hard work… …I have conducted experiments
on a man and they succeeded. Today, the man is a bat-man. He is the human bat. His name is Jigran. That’s not possible. A human bat? How is this possible? Until we see it, we won’t believe it. Hureka makes miracles happen. That’s why, he does what he wants. Jigran! Come here. I don’t believe it. Amazing! I want many such bat-men. I will create an army of them
and pay you what you want. I want it too. I will
pay what you want. I want a 1000. I will give you
as many diamonds as you please. I have a diamond mine. I will give diamonds
to match their cash. Peace! Calm down. Thank you. When I have made 100 of them… …you will be invited
to their auction. The one who pays more, will get them. So, don’t delay and get ready. Jigran. Go and bring a couple of people
from Vedas city, every day. I will make them human bats, too. The people of the city will be
transformed into human bats… …and I will have an auction. Grandpa, don’t sing in the morning. I can’t sleep. Okay, sir. I will sing all night
and sleep in the day. Oh, God! What are you saying? If you sing all night,
when do we sleep? Grandpa! What’s that? Get back inside!
– Yes. Oh, no! Grandpa! Grandpa! Shiva! Thank you, Shiva. Kid, how dare you steal my prey? Don’t call me a kid, uncle bat. Shiva!
The name is Shiva. Shiva! Wow! Friends, Vedas city
is in trouble, again. A bat-man has arrived… …and he was about to
take Shiva’s grandpa away. Shiva combated him with courage. Shiva, tell us what was he like? Was he real or fake? He was just like a man. But, his wings and
claws were like a bat. Like a huge bat. Thank God, I wasn’t with Shiva. Or the bat would be caught… …and I’d lash his feet with rope… …and fly him in the
sky, like a kite! The entire city would
watch the spectacle. The spectacle! I am
being mocked here. My secret… …has become breaking news. Little kids are mocking me! What’s going on, Jigran? You are the future
commander of my army. You have come back a failure! I am sorry, boss! That boy
is a very good cyclist. I was stunned to see it.
Earth or sky… …he is amazing. Deal with him later. First,
grab this other boy. He is trying to ruin my image. Help! Help! Let me go! Help! Shiva! The bat has taken aunt away! Yes, where? Okay. We have to tell Laddu Singh. My dear little bats. I will give your power
and face to humans. You are very important to me. You will share my success. Boss, I’m bringing the boy. Very good. He is making a mockery of us. Now, we’ll make a spectacle of him. Come soon. Shiva. Shiva! Uncle, let me go! I’m
about to lose it. If I lose it, I’ll thrash you. I will fly you like
a kite in the sky. Shiva! Come soon! I have held him. You
must do the rest. Hurry! How much longer
can I hold him? You’re my prey. Don’t go away. Okay? I get it. Hey, kid! You’re back! Wait. Let me deal with you, first. Where are you going?
Aren’t you Shiva? Wait! Fight me. Adi! I’m taking him away. Jump into the lake under
the tree and run away. How can I run away? He said no. He said, I am his prey. Keep sitting, I’ll send him. No! Don’t send him. I will jump. He’s stranded me here. Then, he put me on this tree! I’m safe! No, I’m not safe! I’m not safe!
– Yeah! Yeah!
– I’m not safe! Adi, wait! No! I can’t wait! He will return! The bat-man! Run! You run, too!
– Yes. Come on, uncle. Let’s have a fight. So, did you enjoy that? The kid! That little kid has
made life a misery. Go and get that child, first of all. Quietly, without telling anyone. As long as this kid is around… …I won’t get what I want. Go on! He’s human, but his wings are real. Did he become a bat man or did
someone turn him into one? Why did they turn him into one?
I can’t tell. There must be someone chasing him. Someone he is trying to
take humans to, every time. Shiva, you’ve really
hassled me a lot. Now, it’s your turn. Shiva! Help, Shiva! Shiva! Adi, Yudi! Call Laddu Singh. I will deal with him.
– Okay, Shiva. Hello, Laddu Singh! The
bat man took Shiva away. Shiva! Fools! You’ve come up with nothing,
for all your trouble! You had to get the boy. You brought this girl! Boss, she’s his friend. He will come here, following her. That’s good. Very, very good! Hey, girl! Now, it’s time to tell your friend… …how Hureka performs miracles. You just perform miracles. Shiva is capable of amazing miracles! You have time. Let me go. Once he arrives, it will be over. Wow, nice. Very good. That’s a nice bit of dialogue. Let’s go. Let’s have… …some time alive for you,
on that note. Later, you will have to become
a bat. Boss, that’s the boy. Kid, you’re really brave. You will be my bravest bat man. Don’t call me a kid, uncle. Shiva. The name is Shiva. What are you looking at?
Catch him, Jigran. Put him in that cage. Hey, get down! Get down. Laddu Singh. There is a big building behind
the clock. Come there. That way, Pedharam. Jigran! What are you doing? I didn’t call you to give him
a joyride in the air. He has to fall down. Thank you, uncle. Let me go, foolish bat. Grab him! Let me go! Sorry, boss. Why did you drop me
from that height? Why didn’t you let me go
from a lower height? No! No! I was going to make human bats
from these. Hey! Now, he’s gone. What’s your plan. Do you want to fight or surrender? One moment. Wait. Time out. Listen, you guys have to hit
that kid, not me. Are we clear about the
order? – Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
– Yes, sir. Come on, come on! Hands up, everyone! A child has destroyed my lab! I told you! You can do miracles. But, Shiva performs
amazing miracles. Okay, everyone put your hand
up and let’s go to prison. Come on. But first, make Jigran
a human being. He has a right to stay human. Thank you, Shiva!
You are brave and very kind. I treated you very badly. But, you still care for my
well being. It will take some time, but
he will recover. We will give him some time. Make him better
and come to prison. Thank you, Shiva! You are
great. Hats’ off! Thank God, he came first. If I had arrived first, no one
would survive. This place would be burnt
to the ground. See, when I get angry… …I can’t control it. Shiva, stay here. I will put him back
on the coconut tree. No!

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