Shiva – Full Episode 97 – Giant Bats

What happened to the dog, suddenly? Doggy, what happened? Hey! I’ve never such
huge bats in my life. I think they aren’t
bats, but aliens. bats are never this huge! They are going towards Vedas city. Hey, take me along. Hey, wait. How are you? Run! Run!
– The bats are here. Run! Help me!
– These don’t look like bats. The big bats are attacking us. Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Police! The big bats are attacking! I will sing my ‘Bat’ tune… …and shoo them away. You can sig the tune
later, but first… …make a run for it! Run! Run! Hey! Why are you running like that? Mr. Ladoo Singh… …huge bats have
attacked the city. Bats? No way! Big bats! Stop fooling around! My name, Ladoo Singh… …is not famous just like that. 50 kms away from here… …no bat can scare me
even in the nights. After all, this is daytime. Let them come. Where are they? Hey! I was just joking! Help! Help! Somebody, help! Shiva! Shiva, Ladoo Singh!
Look up! Shiva! Shiva! Help me! Shiva is here! Shiva is here! Hey! Let me go, bat. I will never challenge you,
ever after. Please, let me go. Thank you, Shiva,
you came on time… …otherwise I would’ve
been saying a final goodbye… …to everyone. Chintar Acharya, you’re not
doing the right thing. Using my robotic bats to… …terrorize the city, is wrong. Mr. Tagore… …stop worrying to death… …or you’ll ruin your health. The performance of the
robotic bats created by you… …was simply amazing. Congrats, Tagore. You’re the most evil
person in this world. I’m not evil, in fact
I’m a good person. ‘I wandered in the quest
of finding good,’ ‘but found no good person.’ ‘When I peeped into my ownself,’ ‘I discovered I’m the only
good person alive.’ What are you blabbering? Nobody can be more
evil than you. Seal his lips… …and tell me something. Who was the kid… …who saved that coward
police inspector… …from my robotic bat’s clutches? That kid is from this city. What? He is from this city! Then stop staring at me! Go, capture that kid
and get him to me. Mr. Ladoo Singh, what’s this? Shiva, in order to save
myself from the bats… …I’m using this technique. Atleast they won’t be
able to spot me from top. They’ll look at these
beautiful flowers… …and move ahead. Mr. Ladoo Singh, I think
the bats came here by mistake. They might have flied back
to a far distance by now. Boss, we have found the kid. He is with the inspector. I’ll teach him a lesson,
right now. Shiva! Big bat! Help! Reva!
– Shiva! The fun starts now! Let’s see what that kid… …has in store now. Hey, why are you risking
the lives of children? Don’t do that! Shiva! Help! What are these wires? Oh! So, this is a robotic bat! Shiva! Help! Shiva! Wow!
– Yay! Thank you, Shiva. No! No! He destroyed one of my bats! I won’t spare that boy! Now they know it’s a robotic bat. They won’t be scared of it anymore. I was going to tell them myself… …that these are robotic bats. In fact, I will tell
the entire world… …that these are robotic bats. And you invented those! But first, I need to… …teach that kid a lesson. I’ll come to no good, this way! ‘I wandered in the quest
of finding good,’ ‘but found no good person.’ ‘When I peeped into my ownself,’ ‘I discovered I’m the only
good person alive.’ Now that kid will understand… …how good a person I am at heart. Shiva! Shiva! Reva, follow me on my cycle. I’m sure this bat is taking me
to its boss. You please inform
Mr. Ladoo Singh. Okay, Shiva, we are
right behind you. Mr. Ladoo Singh, the bat
has captured Shiva… …and is taking him
towards the jungle. Come quickly. Don’t worry, Reva.
I’ll be right there. Who are you?
– I’m the scientist… …who created the robotic bats. But today, right under my nose, my old partner, Chintan Acharya… …is misusing it. But why is he doing so? I’ll tell you. There are so many
evil persons in this world. The only good person… …alive on earth is me. These robotic bats were
the joint creation… …of me and Tagore. But upon its fulfillment… …everyone praised only him. And no one bothered
to appreciate me. All my efforts went down the drain. That day, I felt really very bad. ‘Sir, this is our new creation.’ ‘Robotic Giant bats.’ ‘These bats can be very useful
to you during wars.’ ‘Food, beverages, arms
and ammunition.’ ‘Be it any stuff,’ ‘these bats can deliver it
to you anywhere.’ ‘I see! Well, can these
fire as well?’ ‘Of course, sir.’ ‘These bats can bomb
the enemy’s place.’ ‘And the enemies won’t
suspect the bats.’ ‘That option is ruled out.’ ‘Well done, Mr Tagore.
You’re genius!’ ‘We were in dire need of
such an invention.’ ‘Scientists like you are a pride
for any country.’ ‘Thank you, sir.’ Shubroto was praised by all. And what did I get? No one appreciated me. That is why, I gained control… …over all the robotic bats. Now, I will… …make them wreak havoc,
across the globe. The blame will be put on… …Shubroto’s invention. Everyone will hate… …Shubroto’s invention. They’ll say, ‘what a waste
is this robotic bat!’ ‘It’s gone out of control…’ ‘…and harming
our own countrymen.’ A police case will be filed
against Mr. Tagore. He’ll be sent behind the bars. You’re forgetting something. That an evil person will have to
pay for his deeds in the end. But I am not evil. I’m a good person. ‘When I went out in the quest of
goodness,’ ‘I found all the goodness in me.’ Heera! The two of you
may sit inside this… …and witness the destruction. These bats will shower bombs
on Vedas city. They’ll find each and every
person living there… …and kill them all
using a laser gun. Enjoy your tour. No, Chintan. Please don’t do this. Don’t do this! Uncle, we’ll have to get out
of this place somehow. I’ll do something. Reva, where have you reached
with my cycle? Shiva, we’re on the way. We saw you flying. Mr. Laddoo Singh, a lot of bats are proceeding
towards the city to wreak havoc. Alert everyone.
– Okay, Shiva. You will see four wires
in different colors. Red, green, yellow and black. Join the red wire with black… …and green wire with yellow. Uncle, I’ve interchanged the wires. Well done, Shiva.
Now, these bats… …are under our control. Today, I will wreak such havoc… …in the entire city… …that everyone will
look for Shubroto… …so as to kill him. Everybody, please get
inside your house! The bats are going to
bomb the city. Hurry up! Run! Oh! Run! Run! Run! With this remote, you can now
control this bat. This boy is the bane of my life! He never gives up! I will have to first
get rid of this boy. Kill them both! Come on, go quickly! Reva, where’s my cycle? I’m following you. Look down. Okay, let go of the cycle. God! Where am I? Oh! You stay here. I will have to
take the bats out of the city. Shiva, take care of yourself. Shiva! Don’t go that side. That’s a high intensity
electrical zone. Sorry, Mr. Laddoo Singh. There’s no other way to stop
these bats. In order to save Vedas city
from danger, I will have to take this risk. No! How are you, uncle? All the bats are destroyed. Didn’t I tell you, an evil person will have to pay
for his deeds in the end. No! I won’t let a child… …defeat me. I won’t accept defeat. Don’t call me a child! Shiva! That’s my name. Laddoo Singh is my name! You are under arrest. Thank you, Shiva. You stopped this beast
from causing destruction. ‘I wandered in the quest
of finding good,’ ‘but found no good person.’ ‘When I peeped into my ownself,’ ‘I discovered…’ …I’m the only
good person alive.’ Oh, no!

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