Shortest Paragliding XC Flight in Idaho History

Shortest XC Flight in History
1/14/2018 Morning everybody.
Today we are going to see a flight from a few days ago when I tried to do a super small
cross country. We were in southern Idaho in Con Shea Basin. After launch it was a little bit light so
I had to do a little bit of scratching up. There’s the destination, it is, according
to Google Earth, approximately 1.1 miles. So, I tried to figure out where the lift band
was and how high it went. So, I had made a couple of turns, made my
one last big 360 to try to get to the very top before I set out. Once I made it I was hoping there would be
some lift created at the edge of this new box canyon that I’ve now entered. But it turned out there was not. So, it was really just about soaring as long
as I could and then setting up for a landing. And now, here we go, I’ve made it I have about
1.1 miles and not the longest XC I’ve ever done but it was kind of fun. I got away from the ridge.

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