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Hello guys, welcome to Criczeal we all know the Dhoni is a legend He is a great finisher, a great wicket keeper and a great captain. But is he the same batsman who we have seen in past? The answer to this question is a tough one as we can’t say he is the same batsman as in past. With World cup just around the corner should we consider Dhoni for 2019 world cup squad or we have to look for alternative? We will discuss that in this video.
Before getting in this video let me tell you that i m a big fan of Dhoni. Though I haven’t watched Dhoni play in the year 2005-2010 i have watched lot of videos of him where he smashed the opponent bowlers all round the park. The 183 runs he scored against Sri Lanka is one of his amazing innings. I could keep watch that innings all day. But after watching those videos And comparing the way he plays now definitely there are lot of changes in his batting and his hard hitting abilities also decreased. It’s been very long since we seen him hitting helicopter shot. The one thing I noticed in the difference between Dhoni in 2005 and Dhoni now is, Dhoni in 2005 has a huge backlift but Dhoni in 2018 has not a big back lift as he had in past. That maybe one of the reason for his decline in his batting ability. And age could be also be another reason. But after all the struggle he had, he made a huge comeback in IPL 2018 where he smashed a lot of sixes It was like seeing a vintage Dhoni. Dhoni in 2005 will hit six at his will. and we seen the same in this IPL and I was feeling happy that the problem solved but I don’t know why, his form in IPL did not reflect in upcoming matches he played for India. He struggled to score against England and also in Asia cup. Dhoni is still one of the fastest in running between the wickets But he is still struggling in rotating the strike and has very low strike rates which builds pressure in other batsman too. I don’t see Dhoni as a finisher anymore but he should bat at number 4 for India. But India tried everyone for that position except Dhoni and I don’t know why. So should we replace Dhoni and pick some other wicket keeper batsman for World cup? If so who are the replacements? The two replacements i can see is Rishabh Pant and Ishan Kishan but these two are young players who is still in learning process but could strike the ball hard and could play as finisher role but that could be a great gamble and it could back fire India Dhoni don’t play only as batting role but he is a wicket keeper too and for me he is the best wicket keeper as of now. No one could replace him for sure He is still fastest behind the stumps and he carries lot of experience with him, he could provide valuable suggestions to captain Virat and to bowlers who are struggling and not only that when taking review we just look at Dhoni review system which is accurate most of the times. He is a all round player with great presence of mind so definitely we can’t miss a player who has abilities for the World Cup Our mind can say we need replacement for Dhoni but heart says we need Dhoni for World cup and this time we need to go by our heart, I am sure he will play a vital role in World Cup. So I think Dhoni should play World Cup 2019 and hope we will win the cup in England. Thank you for watching this video. Please comment down your views about Dhoni and if you like this video Please give a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Bye. Bye

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