Should You Steam a Baseball Glove?

What’s up YouTube Dan Blewett here and
I’m here with my friend Mason Buzicky, one of our players who also is a YouTube
channel which I’ll put the links in the description today we’re gonna cover what
is steaming a glove dude your mitt and should you steam your brand-new baseball
globe so we’ve got a brand new baseball mitt we’ve got another one that was
actually just steam the other day one of our teammates or your teammates so I’m
gonna show you the difference and then we’ll talk a little bit about whether
steaming your brand new baseball mitt is a good thing or not
take a minute go on to the testing area let’s do this alright have a seat buzz
okay so you’ve got two mitts here so on the left so squeeze this process is a
brand new marici honor the game series which is I got $250 mitt and it’s pretty
tough are you grunting to squeeze that pretty much brand-new it’s super hard
and you want a good glove that’s hard that’s what that’s the sign of your
leather this is also a brand new Rawlings are the high it so comfortable
mint how much easier is that to squeeze it’s way easier here’s the thing to
understand you pay for a hard leather mitt so when you’re buying a $200 min or
$300 min or 400 min you want the leather to be super hard and tough that’s a sign
of good leather that’s gonna hold its shape when you break it in the right way
so if you buy a really expensive glove with hard leather like this one when you
take the time and it’ll take a couple months two three four months to break it
in the right way it’s gonna hold its shape over a long period of time and
that’s what you want so if you get a glove and you steam it like this one
you’re gonna be to play with it a lot faster which is a good thing for younger
players but it’s not gonna hold its shape as well so buzz you’re 14 yeah do
you like breaking a glove in for two or three
so if you’re one thing if you’re a player and you’re old enough where you
don’t mind taking the time to break in your mid then you’re in good shape you
can just break it in as it is however if you really want to play right away or
you’re a younger kid you’re 12 years old you’re not going to be able to have the
hand strength to close this thing enough time so it’s hard even for me so where
you’re gonna get value out of the four months breaking that thing and you’re
gonna have to probably have a friend help you break it in so if you’re
younger so if you’re maybe 13 or younger if you want to get an expensive mint
then getting it steamed is probably a good idea because it’s gonna soften it
up it won’t hold its shape as well but that’s okay and you can play with it a
lot faster if you’re older no pro guys steam their mitts no college guys steam
their mid right you wouldn’t know but he might be he
will be a college or pro guy one day and when that time comes he’s not gonna
steam his mitts either because again you pay for the harder leather it keeps its
shape it’s more basically customizable to your hand when you have the higher
end glove alright so hopefully this was helpful
steaming image is a really common thing and for older players I don’t like to
see it done because I think if it’s not what they’re really looking for when
they buy a high-end mitt when you’re younger or you want to play with your
glove right away then steaming your mitt probably makes a lot more sense alright
so be sure to follow buzz here on YouTube Yeet Skrt Buzz and you can
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  1. Wait are you a coach for the Warbird senators in Illinois then? I recognize the jerseys from a 16u team that my team lost to in a tournament in the semifinals.

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