Sims 4 CAS: Patrick Stump

Hello, everybody and welcome to my first ever
Create A Stump video. Uh, that’s not what I meant to say, but that’s
what we’re gonna go with. Welcome to my first Create A Stump video because today we are making Patrick Stump
in Create A Sim in the Sims 4. Uh, we aren’t using any CC so it kind of only
looks like Patrick Stump from far away and from the back, but we try our best. I did make this sim live on Twitch, so if
you’re interested in watching me live I will leave that link in the description. But, anyway, I am like currently going through
like eye color and eyebrows here. His eyebrows are really hard to pick in The
Sims 4 because he has like these really thin, light, barely there eyebrows. But all of those kind of eyebrows in The Sims
4 look ugly. So, I kind of go with, like- I think it’s these ones. I change the color later, but I think
I go with those ones. Here we are trying to adjust like his mouth
and his jaw. And, then, we just jump right into
hair, apparently. Yep. That’s the rhyme or reason. We’ve moved directly from face before
we’re even done to hair. Let’s see, I kind of like stare at
these different hairstyles for a while. And choose a whole bunch that don’t look
like him at all. I love the long haired, wavy, platinum
blonde hairstyle, though. It’s not right for him, but I want to use
that with some sim somewhere because it’s beautiful. Uh, let’s see. There’s just more looking through Sims 4
hair for the rest of our lives. I think about that one, but it’s just- It doesn’t look like him at all. We are going for a Summer Days version
of Patrick Stump which is just like current Patrick Stump. That is the current video we have- the most current video, may I say- Um, of him that we have so I’ll put a little
video- not a video, a picture- of what we’re trying to go for. It doesn’t- (sighing) his hair is a different color
than it used to be. It’s like a very dirty blonde,
it’s almost brown, but the brown in Sims 4
is too dark. So, I go with this not extremely platinum
blonde. I go with this like strawberry-ish blonde,
I guess you would say. But, the brown it was just too-
too dark. It just didn’t look good. Uh, we are messing around with his jaw and, of course, trying to find him a hat. I think about that hat, but it’s really
annoying how his hair clips through it. So, we don’t go with that. And, that one’s also ugly. We think about a beanie. This little hat right here, I think, that’s
what we use for most of his outfits. Oh, it’s gone. This one. We just change the color on it a whole
bunch. That’s basically his hat in all of his outfits. We are trying to adjust his face a little
bit. Just to try to make it look a little
more natural. I adjust his eyebrows. We change them again- Again, like (sighs) The Sims 4 eyebrows where its
like barely there just did not look good. I think I would need some CC for that
because it was not good. Uh, let’s see. We spend a really long time working on his
mouth which sounds really creepy. You know you’re a Create A Sim person when
you’re like, “I spent a really long time thinking about
their mouth.” It’s weird. We try and do it because, it’s just- Mouths are hard to make in The Sims 4, but if you don’t do them correctly
it’s just not gonna be good. So, we spend a long time on that. Here, we are kinda changing the nose
because I realized I hadn’t paid any attention to the nose. Nose, like mouths, are very important
to The Sims 4. Uh, and making your sim actually
look like the person you are trying to make it look like. So, I’m going through all of these
and I can’t decide. I swear even when I fix them here
and you think I’m done I’m not done. I just keep changing his mouth because he
kinda has a thick lower lip and a thin cupid’s bow, um, but I just
couldn’t make it. So, you think we were done? No, apparently we are back in hair! See, I’m trying to pick like the brown,
but it doesn’t look right. His hair’s not dark brown like that,
but it’s also not blonde like this, but we go with blonde because it
was the closest. And, here, we are trying to pick out his
beard. Uh, there wasn’t really any good ones
which seems to be the story of this video- Like there was no good options to make a
Patrick Stump sim, but we tried. I think we go with that one. It’s not perfect. He kind of looks like a hitchhiker with it
on, but it’s what we got. Cause I didn’t want to use the nine o’clock
shadow thing which I hate by the way because I never know that it’s on
before I give them like orange hair or something because it’s almost invisible. It’s ugly and then he just looks like he has
Cheetos dust on his face. It’s not good! So, we go with this hitchhiker beard and
now we’re onto clothes. So, let’s see, we’re trying to make
Summer Days Patrick Stump so I’m thinking like a button up. Kind of like that one, but that one’s
too relaxed so we go to that one and that one and I think this is the one
we keep. Yes, this like light blue one with pink underneath
it. I thought that looked really nice. We are changing like his shoulders, trying
to make him a little more broad. I’m really bad at Sims 4 proportions. I’ve just
never been good at that, but we try our best and try to not have him look wonky. Let’s see, we take off his shirt to kind of
give him a little bit more- To try and see what we working with here. Obviously, just kind of- (laughs) I’m just aggressively pushing his
butt. The first Sims 4 sim that I ever made looked
like he was awkwardly always leaning over because his
butt was so far out in the air. Because The Sims 4 like proportion system
is fucked up! It’s so messed up! I can’t deal with it, so I definitely didn’t want
him to like have his ass in the air, so we just kind of tuck that in. We try to go with some jeans. I know we change these jeans later because,
honestly, I don’t like how the crotch on them sits. Yes, we from talking from butts to crotches! I just don’t like it. We change that
at the end of the video. And we’re back to his face! You thought we were done? No! We’re back to his face because I’m trying
to make his jaw not look super defined. Like, he has a nice jaw. He has a nice, like, profile. If you look at him from the side and get
his profile, it looks really nice, but he’s not super like rugged and
defined. Even with the beard he still manages to look
soft and that’s so hard to do in The Sims 4. But, we try our best. Obviously, we are looking for hats here. We are in formal wear apparently, now. I go with that black hat. It looks kind of like
a hat he would look- use in the past. Oh, we’re back to regular. I think I was giving him glasses. Yeah, I was trying to give him glasses. I completely forgot he wore glasses, but all
of The Sims 4 glasses suck, so I actually don’t go with
glasses. The pink sunglasses might have been nice,
but I didn’t think they were really representative of what we were going for. And, let’s see, we are back to formal wear. Trying to pick him out a nice jacket. I wanted to do an all black suit because
for the Grammy’s he wore an all black suit. I didn’t really like the one with the long
tie. I think we a different one that’s still
all black. Let’s see… Yeah, we go with the bow tie one which
is okay. I’m not really in love with it. It doesn’t really look like what he
wore to the Grammy’s but it’s close enough. I do end up changing his pants later on because
those pants have weird buttons on the side like near his ankles which you unfortunately
can’t see because I cropped this video really weirdly because, I think I said this before, I streamed
this live on twitch, so I had to crop this a little bit to get my face cam out of it
so I can talk over it for this youtube video. Uh, let’s see. We’re in party mode and that pink blazer was
not- not good. I didn’t like it and I hate those shorts he’s
wearing. I think they’re the ugliest freaking piece
of clothing in the entire game. That’s like a really bold statement to say,
but they’re- they’re bad. So, we go with this grey jacket, black shirt,
and black pants. We give him, I think the hat we had been using. Like, the regular hat and I think I make it
black because gray on gray is too washed out. So, we go black. And I kind of stare at him for a little while. Oh, and now he’s in his swimsuit, so we’re
choosing a swimsuit. Uh, for these last categories I’m kind of
just like I’m taking a guess. Like, I obviously don’t know what Patrick
Stump wears to the gym or what his swimsuit looks like, or like what
he wears when its like hot out. Like, I don’t know that, but I just
take a guess. I really love the- the tank top he is wearing
there with like the blues and the reds. I think it’s really good! Uh, here we’re in the cold weather wear. I kind of just give him a nice jacket. That’s one of my favorite jackets. I always use that jacket when I don’t know
what else to do. We give him some black pants. We give him some sort of shoes, I guess. You can’t really see, sorry about that! I think about giving him a beanie, but I didn’t
like it. His hair clips weirdly through it, so we go
with the good ole hat. And, here we’re giving him a personality. He’s obviously creative, uh, we give him music
genius. I think we make him music lover… Let’s see. Loner? I believe cause he likes his time alone. He’s one of those guys that like- (laughing) won’t answer your text for like
a really long time, but you’re like still friends with him. Uh, I remember him saying that in a- uh-
a interview once. So, that’s not me being a creeper. That’s just readily made information
online. And, here we just kind of go through
the outfits. I do change a lot of stuff here. I change his pants in the everyday and formal
categories cause they just weren’t good. But, for the most part I think we keep him
the same. So, we’re kind of just going through different
pants. Just trying to find pants that don’t… land weirdly in the crotch because they just
look so weird! I’m sorry, they just do! Sims devs please make some male pants that
don’t fit weirdly in the crotch! Uh, and then we go again changing
the formal wear pants. But, we’re like near the end of the video. So, thank you so much for watching! We’ll go through all of his outfits together. I give him some socks because his ankles were
showing. There’s his athletic. There’s his sleep. And there’s all his outfits and that’s Patrick
Stump in the Sims 4! We tried our best and, uh, thank you
for watching this video, and there he is! I hoped you liked it and I will put this on
the gallery. My name is amyamesames. You can download it there
if you would like. And you can follow me on twitch and I do have
a regular youtube channel as well where I post more vlog-type stuff and music. So, if you’re interested in that I will also
put that down in the description. But, thank you for watching and I will see you next time
and goodbye!

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