Sisterbliss Schwartzies Hashbrowns! Stump Kitchen 29

[Alexis] So, um, tell me why I’m the best
big sister in the world. [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [both] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [Alexis] Sisterbliss style!
[Ainsley] Sisterbliss edition! [Alexis] So my stump, we would call him Bebe
when we were little. Ainsley named him. Bebe uses the pronouns him and they. Biggie was the bad guy and then Bebe would
swoop in and be the f#%kin’ hero! [Ainsley] Oh this is a good plentiful crop
this year! [Alexis] I want that onion! Give it to me! [Ainsley] Okay, well, you can pay for it like
everyone else does. [Alexis] I don’t want to pay you, I’m gonna
steal it! Bebe to the rescue!! Justice is here! [fighting noises]
Here you go. [Ainsley] *gasp* My onion! [Alexis] Saved the day!
[kissing sound] [Ainsley] I’ve been a vegan since I was 13
years old. I’m just gonna say more than half my life. Yeah I could be 27, who knows! [Alexis] Who do you think is older, her or
me? [Ainsley] Vote now in the comments section! Down there. I always cook with a glass of wine. [Alexis] Great! Let’s have some wine! Whoops! I drop a lot of things. It’s not because I have one hand it’s just
because I f#%kin’ drop a lot of things. [Ainsley] Like F-bombs. [Alexis] Pull it up with your stump! Oh! F#%kin’ cheers! [Ainsley singing] Vegan Schwartzie’s Hashbrowns!! [Alexis] What the f#%k is that? [Ainsley] They have medicinal properties. [Alexis] Just f#%kin’ eat a bowl of it just
get it in your belly. [Ainsley] Eat a pan and watch a whole season
of Star Trek. [Ainsley] It’s horrible for you. [Alexis] Mm-hmm. [Ainsley] It’s actually not healthy living. [Alexis] But it’s a win for taste. Step one: let’s preheat the oven. [Ainsley] 450! [Alexis] No. [Ainsley] 425? [Alexis] 350!
[Ainsley] Oh really? I would’ve f#%ked that up hard. [oven beeps]
[both laughing] Then you press start. [Alexis] Start. [belches] [Ainsley] So we should cut up the onion. What’s that for? [Alexis laughs] It calls for like a half cup
to a cup of grated onion. [Alexis laughs] There’s a cutting board here. [both laugh] [Alexis] Get a big f#%kin’ bowl! Whoa look at that magic kitchen filming. [Ainsley] I think we should melt our vegan
margarine first. [Alexis] Spoon. [Alexis] I’ll do a little bit of flattening. [microwave beeps]
It’s f#%kin’ sizzling! So a whole package of hash browns that are
vegan and gluten free. 500 millilitres of vegan sour cream. [sing-song] Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh. [Alexis] We’ve got some –
[Ainsley] Cream cheese. [Alexis] Okay! [Ainsley] I would put the whole thing in. [Alexis] Me too! Yeah, yeah! [Alexis] I got my hair in the onions. [Ainsley] Oh my god. [Alexis] We need two cups of shredded vegan
cheese. [singing] La, la, la, la, la, la. Three cups! Boom! [Ainsley] Oh let’s put some of the butter
in the onions. [bell dings]
[Alexis] Oh smart! This bowl is so big. Here! [Ainsley] Oh yeah! Cool! I’m taking it home. [Ainsley] That’s it! [Alexis] That’s it! Now let’s get a pan! [Alexis sings] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Stumps work really well for this. [Alexis] When Ainsley was little —
[Ainsley] I pretended that I didn’t have an arm. [Alexis] Just so she could be like me. [Ainsley] You had your prosthetic hand and
I would put it on my real hand and have an extra long arm and mom was just like — [record
scratch] [Alexis] Just pat that shit down. Oh that works so well! [Ainsley] Yeah it feels like I have a stump
right now. I’m really happy! [Alexis] Yeah! F#%kin’ stump it up! ????
[Alexis] Stump bumps! Let’s put this in the oven! [Ainsley] Yeah! [Alexis] For like an hour or something! Let’s play around for an hour! [blowing different notes] [both] Here’s the church, here’s the steeple,
open the doors — [Ainsley] Oh no we did it wrong! [both laugh] [Alexis] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Holy f#%k! [dog grunts]
[Ainsley] You’re making some good noises! [Ainsley] Who runs the world?
[Alexis] Stumps! [Ainsley] Who runs the world?
[Alexis] Girls! [Ainsley] Nothing has changed. [Alexis sighs] [Ainsley singing] Tell ’em I woke up like
this! [Ainsley] This is what I’ve wanted since I
was two years old! [Alexis laughs] [Ainsley] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. [Alexis] Three minutes til our f#%kin’ meals
are ready! High five! Oh yeah… I’m so excited! [Ainsley] Oh god the top is so good and crunchy! [Ainsley] It’s so hot! [Alexis] I can’t wait! Mmm! Cheesy, crispy, f#%kin’ vegan treats! [Ainsley] Oh! I won’t waste it. I like the gushy middle part! [Alexis] I like the crusty outsides more. We’ll make a good team. [Ainsley] I woke up like this. Flawless. Hey you! Whoops! Don’t waste it! Don’t waste it! Oh god! That’s really hot cheese! It also tastes like holidays. [Alexis] We should make this at f#%kin’ all
holidays. F#%kin’ Easter, Halloween, Labour Day. [Ainsley] Hannukah. [Alexis] Birthdays! [Ainsley] Casual Fridays! [Alexis] St. Patrick’s Day! Stump Day! [Ainsley] We should make a holiday where we
just eat Schwartzie’s and that’s all. Sisterblissmas! Sisterblissmas where for a week straight you
only eat Schwartzie’s. I dare you now to eat a whole pan. [Alexis] ??? [Ainsley] These are the last bites! We put our gloves back on. [Alexis] Holy f#%k that was a good choice
we made. [Ainsley] Yeah, I’m still makin’ it! [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Thank you for being here on Stump
Kitchen! That was the f#%kin’ best! [Ainsley] Yeah. [Alexis] Sisterbliss! [Ainsley] Hashtag. [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS. [Ainsley singing] But I’m just playin’, come
here baby!

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  1. hey hey loving your videos, thanks for inspiring, I subscribed as a little support, hope you could do the same πŸ™‚ hugs

  2. Aw, I love your intro to this video! Your dog and sister are so cute! I love this recipe video! Your schwartzies hash browns look so yummy! 😚❀️ I definitely need to try this recipe when I have time! Hehe I also sometimes shop at Save On Foods as they seem to have alot more vegan options! πŸ˜‰

  3. HOW did you manage to eat the whole pan!? That stuff is sooooo filling! so so good though. <3 Nervous but excited to try this vegan edition!

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