Skidmore Hockey

(air horn honking) ♪ (whimsical music) ♪(coach Neil)
At a Division III school like Skidmore,
it’s not just about the hockey, it’s about the academic experience,
and social experience. ♪ (percussive music) ♪One of the greatest traits
that this program’s had
over the last ten years has beenthey don’t quit. (buzzer) (Anthony) We’re
a really hard-nosed hockey team, and something we work on every day
is grinding, battling in the corners. (Anders) We’re a little unorthodox,
in terms of the system we use,and I think that a lot of the teams
who play more of a traditional system,
they don’t really know
how to handle it when they play us,
and I think that gives us sort of an edge.♪ (percussive music) ♪ (coach Neil) Regardless
of where we are, we play hard.For the full 60 minutes, we play hard.(Anders) We’re not trying
to do anything fancy,
we’re just trying to go out there
and win some hockey games. ♪ (music crescendos) ♪

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