SKY DIVING | Fearless Friday

I am on an airfield outside of Cape Town,
about an hour outside of Cape Town and if you look that way, we’re going to be going up in one of those very soon it’s so gorgeous here, the weather is so lovely and calm and still and I feel very relaxed, it just felt like the right time bizarrely, I’m not feeling nervous whatsoever like
there’s no fear in my tummy at all which really surprises me because I
honestly thought that I’d be really scared like s-h-i-t-t-ing myself and
somehow I’m not. I feel really calm… I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing I think as adults we become more fearful because we accumulate more and more past experiences and memories and times where things happened to us, and we build up this evidence of risky experiences and then fast-forward to now and you’re about to do a really powerful experience and you are creating all kinds of fear about the experience and your life is suddenly super safe and I don’t want my life to be safe anymore, I want it to be daring and I want myself to be courageous and brave and powerful and strong

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