Skytraxx 2.1 Flight Instrument Review

I’m really liking this
I love the sound, I love the responsiveness, the calmness. the
information is spot-on. so I can choose any instrument I want to.
I’m gonna buy this one before I’ve even done the review I decided I was gonna buy this because it’s just perfect it’s got everything I want on one screen it’s
super clear, easy to set up and very accurate I’m finding that it’s
spot-on it’s describing the thermal perfectly
it’s not overhyped and the way the information is laid out it’s a small
screen but it’s so efficient it’s got everything there everything on one
screen if I want airspace I can switch over to something else but that’s about
it. the big feature that’s not obvious on this thing is this little guy here the
Flarm. big deal yeah this is a big deal! for years we’ve had no way of showing up
in other aircraft and we’re pretty small okay this might not be a problem for you
when you start flying but when you’ve got some experience and you’re doing cross country particularly in the UK or anywhere in the Alps when you get up to cloud base
you’re gonna be mixing with the sailplanes and those guys are flying at 120 kilometres an hour they’re going on max speed glide under the cloud
and they’re not gonna see you. I mean you’re gonna have to watch out all the
time. with this little thing you’re now appearing on their FLARM systems that’s
just cool you don’t have to do anything you just switch it on and you’re gonna
pop up inside the warning system so when they’re flying along they’re gonna get
wah wah paraglider five hundred meters ahead, collision imminent!
that’s pretty cool. it might not be something that you need now but it’s
certainly worth having and there doesn’t seem to be a much of an increase in the
price just by adding that unit you can get the standalone little tracker which is
what I’ve popped onto Julian if you just want to appear on the FLARM system but I would recommend get it with the Skytrax get it on the 2.1 it hardly adds
anything to the price and magic the other guys can see you! there’s another
benefit to it with the FANET where you can actually see the other pilots that
have got FANET instruments it’s gonna be like guys that have got the Beacons,
Skytraxx and very soon guys that have got Oudie 5 (the new Oudie’s gonna have the FANET) and the Naviter Blade. I’m sure other manufacturers will join the trend
it’s a really useful system but that’s not the main thing it’s not about seeing
other aircraft, it’s about them seeing you. I can see another pilot out here
climbing some going across to find some lift. that’s just so easy to see what’s going I can see the wind is coming from the left of me, as I’m gliding Really easy to centre the thermal and if you want to, go over to the thermaling screen … nice … it’s such a nice display.
I’ve got everything that I want and it’s got a nice informative display, easy to
see got all the info there, it’s showing me my lift where the lift is where I went
through lift, tracks of the wind. I’ve got my headwind here it’s very easy to line
it up so now I’m straight into wind. I’ve got my current ground speed. I’ve got the
direction, I’ve got my glide angle, altitude and average vario over seven
seconds. also the very on the left-hand side. so pretty much everything that I
need is right here. overall this guy is a fantastic unit for
going flying from the school it’s a very simple vario, it’s very easy to
use and all the information is there it’s got all your airspace everything for
cross-country flying you can do triangles and things like that if you
want you can put turn points in. it’s a little bit limited on their turn
point functionality, when you start getting to sort of more advanced flying
where you’re trying to put in turn points on the hill for your triangle or
goal flight or something like that it is a bit limited so there you might want
to go for a full range top of the range instrument but you know that’s only a
small subset of pilots. for me personally absolutely perfect! It does everything I
want I don’t need a faff with tasks and things I just fly and it lasts for a
long time, it’s super light, very nice to use and makes me happy! Skytraxx 2.1 … check out the information on the website. Thanks to our patrons for
supporting this channel, you guys rock! and thanks for watching. I
appreciate your attention and I’ll see you in the next episode. bye!

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