Skywalk BREEZE (Paragliding Harness) Full Review

so that’s a normal paragliding bag and
this is a Skywalk Breeze and Arak. right the Skywalk breeze this is a
traditional upright harness with an inflated back protection, integrated
reserve, it’s got a split leg support system, no seat board, a little bit of
stiffening in the seat plate area but it’s a split leg design. it’s got a
little instrument pod cockpit on the front. your normal sort of straps and
adjustments that you’d expect to be able to adjust the position to make it
comfortable. a lot of storage in the back big storage area and it’s modular
meaning you can zip this whole protection system section off and the
reserve if you want to and you’ve got a very small little hike and fly kind of
mountain flying descent or Beach or ground handling harness inside. I don’t
know how many pilots are gonna be using that personally I think this whole
system is perfect as it is and I don’t really need to go lighter you might have
the need to go lighter on a big mountain. when you go into the modular
small unit you can attach your reserve you’re going to need to get a front
mount reserve pouch to put your reserve in but there is very cleverly a little
guide for the strop to come around to the front and it can still connect up on
your shoulders it’s very well-thought-out.
she’s quite impressed with the Skywalk breeze. What she really likes is that it’s
removable. she’s got an udder opinion. the
material choice is fantastic this is very durable feeling strong fabric but
it’s lightweight all the little finishes like this reserve rounded handle so that
nothing can catch on it. very tidily tucked away and pinned in you’ve got a
nice bomb bay door here a double door which will open in the front and open to the
back as you pull your reserve out giving you a maximum spread for your reserve
deployment. it comes with a dedicated reserve pouch which is attached to the
handle now don’t be tempted if you’ve got a
reserve already in its pouch don’t be tempted to try and do some kind of bodge
job where you connect the handle on to your existing bag. when manufacturers
supply a bag, a reserve deployment bag with the harness you must take your
reserve out of your current nappy and put it into the dedicated bag. you
can transfer it from your existing bag into the Skywalk bag then you close up
start with the one with the elastic on go to the opposite side, this
side. push it through like that then pick one of the sides to pin that up and lastly pin this one
closed. stick this loop of line through the top like that, give it a nice little
bit of length, test it by pulling the reserve. see that it’s actually gonna
pull out without lifting the reserve off the ground. you shouldn’t be able to do
that by a lifting here this should start slipping out. that’s perfect
just like that. you can stick it in there and you’ll see the way they’ve cut
this is showing you which way this reserve should be in now I have put this in
upside down, they want it to be this way around. you’ll see there this angle now
lines up with that angle and the pins will go straight on the sides. your
dealer should be able to do that for you as part of your sales service
as you buy the harness. now you’ve got no pockets on
the harness apart from this instrument pod on the front this pod is really
really well designed this is very clever it’s got a little strap and attaches to
the middle of the harness and it runs up the back comes over the top so in flight
you can pull the strap and change the angle of the flight deck. I found that
was pretty good it was fairly easy to do sometimes the instrument pod kind of
moved a bit off the chest strap but most of the time it was sitting in a very
good position and this is very easy to access in flight. automatically your
instruments open it up because of the weight of the instruments that tip it back.
and in there you’ve got water, snacks cameras, car keys and money and the bag
looks just perfect for … leg straps are nice thick webbing and all the
finishes on the inside of the harness are really good very well-thought-out it doesn’t get in the way when you’re
flying when you’re launching it’s just in the right position. the straps the leg
straps are these Austrialpin buckles the push through ones. the Permair system
works with a little inflated tube here it fills up that whole base section and it
stayed totally solid while I was flying. I think this gives you some of the best
protection you can get in the light weight hike-and-fly segment the bag
the bladder inside seems to be made fairly well and nicely reinforced in a
protective shell then the harness itself is pretty durable so I’m not gonna be
too worried about the bag puncturing obviously if you land and really sharp
rocks you’ve got to be careful with an air inflated system but there it feels
like there’s enough durability I think it’s gonna last. what you’ll
see in some of the marketing is the beautifully formed back which can be
achieved by using the bellows bag this is the bag you used to fill up the
air bag but I filled it up just a few minutes ago and put it in the back. this
doesn’t hold air the same way that the Permair does. it cleans up your bag area but
don’t expect it to provide a lot of protection it looks like it’s protection
all the way at the top but after an hour’s flying this is going to deflate
and it’s just going to clean up the back area of your harness and it’s gonna give
you something I mean that’s better than
nothing in the back of your harness so it adds a little bit of protection but
the bulk, the main protection is underneath around the bottom of your
spine and under your bum. filling up the airbag is very easy: you take the
bellows bag, scoop up some air, roll the top over, flip it down, take your little
plug and connect the pipe onto the plug like that, you push down here and the air
transfers. What you’ve got to be a bit careful of is that you’re not pushing
down on some sharp objects because this bellows bag is in gonna rupture so make
sure that you’re a bit careful with this it does need a bit of care. if you get a
good fill of this bag you should get the permair pretty close to full.
you can top it up using your breath but just be careful of that because then you
introduce moisture inside this bag which won’t come out and it might go mouldy so
I’d rather don’t do that rather use this bag which might mean until you’ve really
got the hang of this system you might need a second shot from the bag just
to get it to full inflation. It closes up in there … zip! and you’ll see
all of the zips on this harness have got little gussets at the end where you can
push the zip in just to keep them protected. little finishing details like
that really impress on this harness you got a very big pocket in the back
and I’d say that perfect for a hike and fly and volbiv, you got more than
enough space in here for your volbiv cooker food and all of those things so
that’s great! right we are on the 360 camera on Caburn,
we are doing the Skywalk Breeze and I’m on the Arak let’s hit it! Breeze… well, that was easy! That’s Stephen on the Omega Xalps. let’s go and buzz him a bit recording started [Skytraxx]. Hahahah. Attack out of the Sun! This is nice. I’m really liking the feeling in this harness super comfy super super comfy and lovely transition to being on the slope and walking, super easy. and here comes Nancy! I’m liking that it’s super comfy and it
just feels nice, it’s easy to get into and out of, feels light, I likey! that like
play on the slope / off the slope, slip in … good stuff! really good weight transfer I’m
getting good support really nice weight transfer without feeling
restrictive it definitely it lets you go a certain amount, more than that you’re
not gonna really get but it doesn’t feel like it’s locking up, it just feels like gently supportive and gets slightly more supportive as you swing more it’s fairly softened out in the first
little bit so you’re not getting a lot of that kind of instant weight shift
that you’d get from a seat board you’re not getting that feedback that’s like
tipping you left and right all the time you’re getting a … it’s smoothening things
out nicely in the roll axis in the beginning so you’re getting soft and
softened feedback which is actually quite nice you can feel what’s going on
but you’re not getting rocked around a lot in the beginning. a seat
board would give you more direct feedback this is quite smooth. it kind of feels like
the best part of the split leg geometry that is coming through. I’m getting nice smoothened out feeling in the air and I’m getting feedback – there – I can feel
exactly what the wing is doing. it’s comfortable I can sit in my favorite
position with my legs crossed. I can swing it around if I want to. I’m loving
the feeling of this harness so I’m just doing a little bit of weight shift there
I got really good feedback I got lovely smoothing out feeling. I’m getting the feedback but it’s not hard it’s nice and elastic but soft and
I’ve got enough freedom to swing it around and quite easily get the feeling that
I need. for recreational flying it’s lovely it’s so comfortable and smooth
and yet gives you freedom of movement really nice! one thing I have noticed is I’m
supposedly between the medium and the Large given my heights and my
measurements I’m on the intersection between the medium with the large sizes
this is a medium and I’ve got these straps done all the way up here to take
out slack, that’s way too big for me so I just say definitely get a fitting
before you buy one because the measurements don’t quite match up to my
body shape at least so make sure that you’re the right length, it’s got
quite a long top section and shorter legs. I’m getting a little bit of
pressure on the inside of my thigh might have been nice to have had a
little strap just to redirect that force but it’s going to depend on your body
shape completely and your leg size so that’s it’s just for me I think for a
long flight I’m going to find a little bit of pressure on the inside of my legs.
totally comfortable it’s not a problem just I’m trying to find points to criticize
really and I’m not finding any. there we go, optimal! wow this is a really nice combination
this Arak and Skywalk Breeze harness seem to play very well together. I’m
getting lots of agility out of the Arak. yeah baby! nice! you can you can tweak a little bit
more weight shift in just by kind of straightening my leg on the inside, straightening my thigh. I’m getting very good connection there. Tightening it up a little
bit that seems about right for me. okay. I’m flying on full speed bar now and it’s still comfortable but I can feel the harness
pulling on my hips, across my back and on my hips, there’s a little bit of a kink
there but it’s cool. when you come off the bar you feel you’ve got that
continuous support through the back. the reserve feels like it’s in a good
position just there it’s kind of halfway down my thigh, easy to get to. some
pilots might be looking for it around here. you gotta remember to reach forward
or you can just go down like that down the riser down the webbing you’ll find
it. who’s it for? pilots who like to have a
traditional upright harness but are looking to make their kit more compact and light. if you don’t want to compromise on your safety you want to have packing
volume and space so you can do some volbiv adventures, it’s really good for
that. You want light weight, you want to have feeling in the air and a kind of a
smoothness but I felt the feedback was fantastic really nice and sweet. It feels lovely in the air, it feels very enjoyable to fly and I think if you’re looking for
lightweight hike and fly gear and for general flying for cross-country flying
as well it makes a fantastic option. Allround, great product so if you’re wanting to make your kit really
compact really light but you don’t want to give up protection you want comfort you
want feedback you want nice freedom and agility in the air, the skywalk breeze is
very very good. thanks to our patrons, you keep the channel going. hey big guy!
I don’t think I’ll land with him. see ya! don’t forget if you want to support the
channel pop over to the shop we appreciate the business check out the specs of skywalk Breeze on our website and thanks for watching I’ll catch you the next episode. Cheers!

20 thoughts on “Skywalk BREEZE (Paragliding Harness) Full Review

  1. I choose between this setup and the Advance Progress 3 with the Epsilon9, I have to admit that the Breeze and Arak looks really good! I went with the Advance due to that I could buy it from a local dealer…but the Skywalk kit looks great!

  2. What a fantastic review! Thanks for the flick Greg!! I’m flying a Tequila 4 and an ozium. I have a supair access airbag as my upright harness. I would love to give this one a try. Does it come in any other colors? I have the blue n orange T4….

  3. The bellow bag is such a cool idea! It seems like Skywalk missed a trick, though, because it looks like it closes like a dry-bag, but you said it leaks air, and thus, presumably, water. Still, a nice bit of kit overall.

  4. Dear Mr. Greg, Thank you for detailed inspection and lot of informations. I'm about to purchase this harness for some little h&f and accuracy trials. I'll be combine with skywalk masala 3. I want to learn your opinion about weight shifting of breeze. Is it enough for target accuracy competition? Can you satisfied for weight shifting levels and answers of harness. Thank you.

  5. Greg, I really appreciate your in-depth reviews and credible critiques and evaluations. Thanks and keep up the great work. PS come fly in SoCal sometime. We'll take good care of you mate !

  6. Great video Greg, as always, thanks. Would you recommend this as comfortable enough for long flights? Getting myself some new kit in January and I am definitely looking at the Breeze + Arak combo. Cheers.

  7. Great review as always. I am currently flying an Arak large. I am 186 cm 94 kg in my pajama. Currently flying With a Cult 4 (that is so comfortable and allow me for endless storage and great protection inclusive side protection). As I am flying all over the world (mainly thermal flying) I am keen on lightweight . As main or second harness. Can’t decide if best option is Range X-alps2 pod or Breeze. I want to be able to bring my Insta 360 one x on a stick. What to choose? How did you store your cameras and selfie stick . Looks that one is connected to the the riser carabiner . The only thing I worry about side protection. I also need room for my pee pee bag…

  8. I have a u-turn hikenand fly reversible harness/rucksack and it’s fantastically comfortable. More confortable than any rucksack I’ve ever worn (not just paragliding). Fulll flying setup is 8.5kg

    It’s not a pod harness tho

  9. Question (You know how impossible to try things in SA): How tall are you? (I'm 1.8 and using the chart on the site it seems I should get a medium also). Yep, want t o g et one as secondary harness for fun stuff, beach, ground handling (moved from the cult4 to a pod)

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