Skywalk CHILI 4 (Paraglider Review)

What stands out on the Chili 4? I think, the
turn, it’s really nice, it has a sort of a rotating turn, it’s not a hook turn, it definitely
never hooks into the corner with the brake, but it’s not too flat. It’s somewhere in between
and it gives you a very nice thermaling turn that’s very tight. So that’s going to be one
of its strong points. The brake comes on very soon, probably the earliest of any glider
I’ve seen, so it’s completely the other end of the scale from the Chili 3. About fifteen
centimetres, the brakes are touching on, and from there on it’s moderate pressure right
throughout the range. Down at the bottom there’s a definite wall that you hit with the stall
point so you’re definitely not going to stall by mistake. It doesn’t give you any surprises
there. And it holds on with a lot of resistance before the stall.
Speedbar was good. It was light, I could push it out, but its definitely a very long travel,
I noticed that I was locking up on my little brummel hooks, at the limit and I wasn’t getting
the full travel out of the bar, so I had to use my hands on the string to pull it. You’ve
got to set your speedbar up to make sure that you’re using the maximum travel you can, because
it’s a long speedbar travel on the risers. When I was on full bar, it felt solid enough.
I wiggled as much as I could in the harness and I didn’t have any kind of tip tucks or
any part of the wing going in, and it seemed to be just over 50 kilometres per hour, roughly.
So it’s effective, it’s not the fastest glider in the world but certainly you’ve got a speed
range and a good speed bar effect. The ideal pilot? Let’s say at least 100 hours,
possibly an SIV course under your belt, lots of practice at active flying, happy to throw
the wing around and wang around a little bit, controlling the energy. Yeah, it’s going to be a good thermaling glider, I think, it’s got a very good thermaling turn,
a very tight turn, so that’s going to be very effective, and it’s a very smooth feeling
in the air, so for pilots that are comfortably in the XC class, ready for their second wing,
that have got a good amount of currency, recent airtime and a good amount of experience, pilots
with a good feel for the wing, and active flying will be suited to the SKYWALK CHILI4. It’s overall a very nicely finished off glider,
comes in a nice package, looks very clean, simple to fly, and feels very nice in the
air. For more details, check out the full review
on our website.

10 thoughts on “Skywalk CHILI 4 (Paraglider Review)

  1. HI Greg, So I had my first wing OZONE GEO 4 (Low B) and I did around 100 hour on it until I crashed trying to land between houses in Annecy (you may remember me mentioning that before). Anyway I didn't see my gear but my understanding they cut everything to get me to the hospital when I crashed. I broke my leg and foot has some screws. I'm recovering and I'm hopping in 3 month I'll be flying again. I will have to buy new wing. Should I choose this wing? (High B) if not what do you suggest my next wing grade to be if not high B. I really like the sport and want to advance in it. I have done SIV as well so I was doing spiral dives on my last wing and very comfortable with big ears, speed bar, launching, and landing in landing zones (Not in tide areas). Again my question is it a good decision to move to high B wing from low B knowing I had an accident or I have to start over my hours counting because of that accident? As always thank you Greg for great videos. Cheers!

  2. I watched your other video. Is skywalk chile same class as skywalk tequila or a little more advanced. Are they both in the Progression class which I think I can handle (Had ZONE GEO 4 ) with around 50 hours air time and total flying including learning and towing 100 hours. So again my question is skywalk chile is a progression class ? Thank you very much for these great videos

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