Take Off Asymetrical collapse on right side. That’s why keep running to left side and more run way. Informing Instructor about for arrival to SIV zone. Effective Ears / Big Ears (3.2 m/s sink Vario Record) Turn to Left for 180 degree using Weight Shift. Turn to Right for 180 degree using Weight Shift. Recovery.. I’m new with this wing.. Small Asymetric Collapse for left side Medium Asymetric Collapse for left side Asymetric Collapse for left side, maximum i can do. Minimal correction needed this time. Small Asymetric Collapse for Right side Medium Asymetric Collapse for Right side Maximum Asymetric Collapse for Right side Again, minimal correction needed Full Frontal Collapse for medium power Full Frontal Collapse for maximum power i can Both of them doesn’t need any special action Coordinated Asymetrical Collapse for Right Side. It’s need minimum correction via Weight shift and little break. However it’s want to dive fast according to Mescal 5. The Goal is just fly straight ahead. Dont turn open side. 90 degree for closed side. Hold it for maximum i can. Release then recovery Coordinated Asymetrical Collapse for Left Side. I’m used to much brake and it’s turning open side. Instructor keep saying, Release Brake, Release brake.. Too Much Weight shift, move center! Finally , i’ve found the center 🙂 Release then recovery. As the Greg Hamerton said when Tequila 5 Test; “You fly this!, then its happy day’ 🙂 Is It? About to learn 🙂 Instructor giving tome some moral. 🙂 ‘This life doesn’t have any excitement ‘ 🙂 Spiral Dive to the Left It’s have really massive energy ‘for me’ It’s turned ‘Deep Spiral’ Out ıt’s self. Exiting… It’s fail one 🙁 Instructor Checking me for ‘BlackOut’ Spiral Dive to Right A little bit more controlled.. Exiting is acceptable and Instructor giving additional informations B-Stall.
Sink Alarm Treshold is 5 m/s. Vario Record is 8.7 m/sec. Stable and effective Searching for Deep Stall Second attempt for Deep Stall. Trying for more break pressure and hold for longer Wingover ‘Entrance Level’ Real Wingover Trial…. I’ll becoming apart 🙁 FAIL! Recovery for little cravat Landing Phase.. I’m still learning, almost every fly, every take off and every landing then i’ll keep going too. Thank you for watching. Have a nice fly..


  1. Thank you for posting! I have the same wing, next year ill do this siv as well. The spiral was scary! What was the problem with the "real wingover", too much brake for the upper side?

  2. you should push the bar complete  before practising ears/big eears. The wing seams to be very solid, without surprise. Very nice the B-stall. Missing a full stall and collapse rigt or left being hold.

  3. Excellent video! Well done. I had the same problem with the search for Stall Point on my new Arak – skywalk obviously did something to the new generation of wings – had no issue with searching for stall points on Arriba 3 & Mescal 3.

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