What’s going on? We welcome to another video. My name is aldo. This is all those [worlds] of [you] today We’re going to be [doing] that one man. Hi didn’t see challenge at a haunted house This is my friend’s house chef the savage ship guide He did a video on his channel link is in the description He actually invited a haunted spirit to his house So I figured I’m going to come to this exact same house and we’re going to try to do the one man honey two shots guys [:] check out his video link is in the Description below guys let’s get 10,000 likes on this video 10,000 like and I will do a foxy doll right after this one, so if you guys like smash Then let me know that you’re a snap fan and you ready I’m ready here we go oh my [guy] merch is officially out Going get your merch right now if you’re new to this channel if you ever buy merch make sure you take a photo of yourself and Send it to me, and I will give you a shout out I will include it in every single video, so So I will be doing shout outs to everybody who bought merch later in this video, so let’s start Hey, say that again this shirt is so much. Hey Gang Super comfortable game Casual plug [Tablo] fast casual plug guys of course it’s precious all those world TV. You go get your [mush] right now There’s a splurge there’s hoodie. This is a [mattress] from the uk [for] little kids. [it’s] every single size everything you want It’s the same thing go and get it But you guys came for this video for one reason which is to watch us to the one man heinrich sound right? Yes So that’s what we’re going to do if your news channel. My name is aldo. [this] is savage ship I do videos on this channel every Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday And we do a lot of crazies haunted video [scare] stuff a lot of things that you would probably not want to do yourself But we do it for you. We are professional idiots don’t forget to check out the video that he did on his channel So [what] are you doing that with mathematically we invited this spirit to this house, and it actually ate the Big Mac It’s eight to be a Big Mac Yeah, so that’s pretty like hard to believe guys. I you know got how I feel about goals like [that’s] you know It’s kind of hard to believe but you guys go and check out that video I’m gonna leave it [in] the description below ok guys go and check that video so the reason Yeah Man, you [know] [they] [feel] [depressed] microphone okay? [yes], so there’s already like weird stuff happening apparently he liked someone disappeared or something and he didn’t like Properly release it. So we’re going to try to do the yeah. I’m a take charge here guys, [so] But this has to come to [a] closure, so that’s why we’re doing here goes because we like we’re just been happening yourself so we’re gonna try to like end this or whatever so Smash that like button guys working to the one mohanty to Elsa so you guys know where Elsa is Comment what you guys think my Elsa and let me know what doll you want seen? Because we’re [into] doing a whole series all right. So here is how this works okay? So what we’re going to do is we got to open up, Elsa So we got a matching like family friendly knife look. It’s blue. It’s definitely family friendly like to create an incision in her stomach and dispose of the card replace the kind with rice okay, and we have to put some of our dnA in there, so like maybe one nails or something and then we have to sober up and We’ll check back with guys once we’re done that I guess and then we have to play how to take with are you ready? [we’re] I’m already cooked out me too man like weird you heard something I I don’t know what that was is probably dear neighbors. I don’t want [any] [grease] on the [ball] Maybe I Probably I probably hit something like it’s no big deal probably it was probably me, but yeah That’s what we have to do and yeah, so let’s do it man. So here we go So I guess we’ll we’ll do this together. [yeah], by the way guys. This is a limited [Edition] t-shirt overnight challenge Go and get it right now Also, I’m going to buy another one from her all right. I need another one you coming [hype] stuff Oh my God kick out so what we did we actually turned off all the lights because for the challenge all the lights have to Be turned off, so we got this [cool-looking] flashlight [what] do you like more? There’s there’s a white color there’s? Red yeah, it’s kind of too freaky for me, and then there’s like blue thing. I like this blue one I like this it kind of Matches because it’s also Omega times this is terrifying right now look we have to make sure whatever light we use we use a light that does not freak out this parent at all you’re right and also, we have to make sure that we need salt because if we want to end the ritual like we have you guys if you Don’t use salt and the ritual then like and if you leave the game in Between then like you can get like forever haunted and like this house is already haunted so I don’t want to Know I think that to happen, [so] [I] guess here you want [oh] this yeah We have to create an incision and the alphas all notice how I’m using sign for any words oh Don’t cover her face like that. [oh] why not man because what if the spirit doesn’t like it. What alpha doesn’t want to see This is not the best night there you go create a small incision. There’s going on There we go You guys we have alpha here, okay? and so now what we have to do guys is we have the MTL all akan like we have to get rid of Insides and replace them [oh] my God [look] so terrified right now. I can’t Have your watch often I have our frozen yeah frozen was it like a girly Madness it was a Christian movie actually yeah, we don’t want to get a things you guys like also the from the movie frozen We chose a flick of you know I i like Disney if you guys like the movies calling your favorite Disney movie We’re going to help all the con here Similar to doing this [to] I did this [what] cut if you haven’t seen my video like the haunted house? What we did is [we] actually took Freddy [fazbear’s] [nightmare] version of Freddy Fazbear’s guys and we we We did the one that [hind] seek But we actually we were so scared that we learn we left half way through so [that] place is officially like haunted like crazy So we’re gonna have to go [back] there eventually in [an] original, and I’m gonna do fox you next time ago so if you guys want to see a foxy comic foxy and Quickly I’m basically empty at everything here. There’s nothing left. There’s just like this random like I don’t know if that is so It’s basically [all] empty now. Yo and you don’t like a lot [of] balls doing this in your own house dude like Like if I did this in [my] house, I would literally not be able to sleep again like guys I’m a big like I get really scared of like when I watch a scary movie I don’t know if you guys do, but that’s how I feel Honestly the reason I’m coming back here and making another movie is to close their skull that I felt I opened And I feel this is the best way to come to peace with what I’ve done Yeah, let [me] feel of this so I [guess] another time I need to Contact the spirit. We need to bring you back to life and then end it okay, so I’m so [bored] right [now] [-] the recipe for amethyst I Guess I’m now putting rice in Okay, I think that’s like a little [bit] fill [er] up [whether] [I] say. Oh man. This is I do I know I don’t think I don’t know if this would work though poison you think we can actually bring it to life with rice the Spirit thing I’m a little doubtful now. I’m not sure Honestly, not gonna Lie like I kind of I think it’s [colleagues] [yet] Yeah, like last time when I went into the hunt I was like there was like scary noises So that was that was [pretty] weird yeah I couldn’t explain this noise on it like so guys like your mind plays tricks on you hmM I didn’t so like I don’t know if It’s like you actually like stuff with happening I’m pretty skeptical like what I’m after [I] watch scary movie like I look to the right and there was something like I felt like There’s something there, but I mean I’m to do anything there you don’t I mean sometimes I get [goose] [bumps] or damage [done] You just get scared. So maybe like maybe I was fear myself. Oh, I don’t know that. We did a but like Let me know what you guys think if you guys see anything unusual or like you find like we’re in this video Please let me know like you guys are my eyes in my ears literally go to my dragons dudes channel You’ll know why dragons if you’re a subscriber of the channel you are you dragon because dragons could do anything. We are unstoppable We’re not even savages. We’re like on another level of [stop] [it] with George Dragon stylish when we breathe We breathe fire are do they so [now] we have to put some of our dNA inside her So I already went ahead and I put my nail inside. I’ll show [ya], that’s kind of disgusting Okay, [killer] this is so tricky bro. Okay now. She’s all sewed up. So everything’s good to go here You have rice inside Oh my God kind of drippin a little not have you guys been here the rice is all inside for not So oh my God [okay]? I don’t wanna hold [that] kim if you know I don’t [take] it to the bathroom I guess now want to do is meant to take Delta to the bathroom and then This is scary. Oh my God [there] you go When we candlelight on it the bathroom, so I could put it in here and turn on the water This is clogged quote. Yeah, call. It here it is This is like the tears about that was part of the sink [oh] My God actually I don’t want some. [oh] you were too careful. Why do [I] smack her like that came up at else up here? Here like somehow watching Miss Elsa. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to that. I would like put water on her make sure it’s not too hot I Think that’s good That is so freaky right now. Oh my god. Oh my God. Oh shit watching movie Cool The marketplace, oh my good during that good oh my God That’s the way okay. I think she’s good enough Okay, you got so now that she is down like this [wait] to give her a name should we just call her Elfin Let’s just keep our name and we have to say tiger. It’s three times [to] [Elsa] and with the run away and hide Okay, all right good. Yeah Sweet – [what] [-] when I go [I] [don’t] do this together with you dude three two one Alpha you’re it. I’ll tell you it Let’s go. Let’s go here. Let’s go here another table [oh] [oh] How much you really yeah, I mean, where you [that] career break? [Joe] something so [by] I saw something fall by in the camera is where It’s all right here Sure your neighbors She’ll check the [gulf] [delay] Can we wait a bit more can sway this way like their tool in doing? Yeah, [ok] guys. We’re Gonna check that be webinar 30 minutes Okay, you want to go down this couch [um] Where do we leave it left in the washroom? Yo, I’m so scared. Can you go first guys that’s that like y’all please go first? What do you see? Holy shit. I didn’t is this normal yeah, that’s what they all think words like the shit never works It worked in the haunted house to that let you know that haunted house was like college it like him. Yeah Voices sound like [somebody] walking Oh, I see yeah I’ve done these things so it doesn’t like Yeah [none] [of] that was not really working. It’s not working right now Okay, [God], so nothing’s really like happening. So I guess like well. I guess we’ll check back a bit later Yeah, but I don’t take give neighbors No Well, maybe it’s just like the wood cartman sometimes like oh, yeah I know now it says he has another do the old [tiles] right yeah, yeah Sometimes look like old houses like you’ll crack. I’ll crack your pity. Yes. I think that’s what it is. Look guys. We’ve literally bitten like We’ve been here for like an hour now The only thing that’s actually happened is the fridge went on or something and you know I don’t really think anything’s gonna happen so my just like This might just be like a sales a year or something, but I don’t know you what do you think? Yome freaked out. I think that was the fridge it can be anything else Exactly yeah here. Just let me just grab the light for a second I Don’t [man] like what do you do like? We live literally heard nothing Maybe we should get as far away from the washroom as possible okay. No, let’s go check this Yeah, please That’s pretty effect you must be different. Hey. I feel like it came from over here. No one everything is Gonna stall That’s pretty weird Okay, maybe we’re just been doing this for a long time that I mean yeah I usually just turn the lights back on that get all [my] [wooden] [doll]. Oh my God. Yeah, it’s go chicken little Doll still here and nothing happened. Didn’t move like [I] don’t know this is really working this Is what? All may be useful some rice when you want their rice yeah, and there’s hair That’s pretty weird. I think you I think we drop too when we’re walking by. Yeah, probably [like] [I] I mean it it’s not like you know Beyond [reasonable] doubt [I] care for It’s pretty weird hey, I probably just dropped some rice. What do you think man? I know it was far-fetched, but Elsa the name has four letters. Oh my God. [I] [don’t] [know] Yeah, we’re all just we’re all just [rob] [lee] they opposed. It actually like I wouldn’t wear it [I] Was just uh I guess I don’t know just hang out for a bit longer, okay, guess what we’re gonna Do is we’re just going to close the washroom door? because I [think] we forgot to do that which was actually cold the Washington door and then [gone] hide, so We’re just going to close the washroom door and then but first make sure she’s still there. Yeah, she’s also still there I was getting close the door now Yeah, so How do you videos like working man? I don’t know I haven’t seen anything yet other than the rice Yeah, if you look there’s literally nothing Now we’re some guys we found a little bit of rice, but like rice is not really I think we drop That’s not like good enough like for me, especially like well I don’t feel like that’s like big enough like evidence or whatever to suspect anything, so we’re going to keep you know Waiting I guess and I guess we’ll check back with you if anything actually weird happen so so far I’ve heard like nothing we’ve been [my] guess [is] for real on time. It’s or eforea. Men still nothing has happened So I’m feeling like saying oh I Think like maybe when you do this weird thing like you know, maybe it’s it’s gone now because I haven’t heard anything I’m [seen] anything got to be see anything. I haven’t heard anything. I’m changing everything is good completely normal so far, so I Mean let’s go check on, Elsa like see what? Sounds like I mean I was literally still here like nothing’s happened, so building Yeah, it’s like literally so I don’t know I don’t think [anything’s] happening so platinum, [bro] What’s up guys welcome back. We are now in the kitchen. We start to hear weird noises [I’m] starting to feel like I’m being watched almost, but man We searched everywhere, and it absolutely not there’s literally nothing, but I would feel like there’s something there was it guys like just weird noise that have been happening and This sector something it Whoa, what is that boss shh customers? Oh, what is it? Brought something [listen] both go check on the dog the dog so they’re going to go to my project Okay, the dog still here nothing happened. Y’all I don’t know what? Happen, you know like there’s little like the golf still there nothing moved so but I’ve started filtered broad Maybe we are getting paranoid. Yeah, maybe we’re I think we should end this soon Alexa. I am starting to get it Did we end it out? Yeah? What do you still have [father] something? I’d you don’t move Because let’s sing this bought that thing just moved with me nothing [wear] that thing just moved Paul come back [on] but no you look back for so come back. We’ll go back Rocky oh I can’t do this anymore, bro. Okay? How do we end it bro? We need like salt? Why didn’t we get the salt? I don’t know rowers are so aided by feeling there. What’s there? What both literally nothing here? Boy, where’s the salt let me go get this house go we need to get the salt? What did you just close the door no one? For what do you mean the doors closed? Hey guys, so we’re inside the kitchen. We are looking for Saul right now Counsel what we need salt, and we’d also do it. [I] just have salt and we have [Sprinkle] [of] throw But there’s something there I’m freaking out brother something there Do you hear that but I heard a noise. What was it like that? [oh] my God? [okay] But why they’re both right go ahead. let’s go check on the- (both scream like little girls) Okay, guys No [guys], okay, listen. How we access broke you willing to do for There’s something there’s something there’s nothing there. Oh, God. We should go Oh, we need to end this we need we need to go [porto] on alpha Mm. [oh] wait Oh poor so antibodies too much, bro. Oh Cooper we need tennis. We really need anything [way] too much right now He offers no [breather] completely what you mean, but there’s something here boo You [I] swear God this cannot happen brothers literally something is that what we say? Don’t know also [were] friendly also. Can you? Hold on, please wow now. I’m just going to open it quickly, and you’re gonna run and again [through] the salt one of them Okay, we’ll do it together. Okay, okay? 300 did you get her together my super on her what she done aren’t you there? She’s there? [she] should kill that she didn’t move But she’s kind of [her] make my wife ginger bitch She looked if I think she was wrong, but why should you think did you pour cela winner? No yeah? So it should be the she didn’t [float] so it should be over That’s it’s done. I think it’s done. I think we went we [went] [that’s] [a] [stolen] [anything] over. I think it over [oh] are they doing so we? We are officially ending the one man. I’m sick with Elsa Row I am freaked out down low in [Ffa], [so] scary guys look at her let it all go [so] we’re doing now is we’re officially We are we are officially going to end this challenge. That’s wealth in the garbage boy, Elsa Row Let’s go to Client Sophie Roger you Gotta kill my heart let me feel you oh my God Oh my God bro again never again doing anything like [that], bro. This is crazy. [Ro] so uh How do you feel like are you still scared bro? I feel Better that we use the salt. I’m not completely sure that we got rid of her because we heard so many noises But I really did it’s over hey, but honestly I hope you guys enjoyed that video That was the one [man] honesty was Elsa so hey you guys want to see more dolls next please let me know We’re gonna do we should we going to mag next we got [a] [revive]? Something crazy. I don’t know if we should keep doing this now. It’s like This is kind of scary like so no my how are you? Guys, this is his holiday. I don’t know how he’s [gonna] sleep at night But make sure you guys going by the all those world shirts guys. They are. How do you feel? Do you like them? I need any like three for parents Guys buy your verse right now. I’m going to give shouts to every single person who bought merch right now So if you did buy merch, you’re going to get a shout out right now Also guys don’t forget to check out savage ship link is in the description below guys. He’s individually like this on his channel I want to see it go to 10,000 views at least I want a bunch of likes on it So go and check it out and say that the dragons are here Let me know what you guys want to see next if this video gets over 10,000 likes we’re going to do foxy We’re going to go I’m going to go back to the haunted house [that] I was too afraid to go from and going to go Back just for you guys, so thank you for watching all those world TV. Remember. It is your world if you want to be Alright guys first shot up goes to lala underscore 96. She bought her merged look how high he loves a Shout out to you lala underscore 96 this shirt looks amazing on [him] so first shout-out goes to you also I also retweeted her so yeah, get your merch second shout-out goes to Caitlyn [or] 26 he she got her sweater it is looking badass I’m loving that sweater on you actually I have that sweater as well at home. I’m wearing a t-shirt right now It is a mini like sweaters [shut] [up], [my] boys zachary underscores sucks this guy is the man he comes to all my live streams He is a true fan and look at that. He’s wearing the shirt, and it looks amazing on him, so shout out to my boy Zachary Sipes shout out to Shinee 94 from England look at her She looks like an absolute, babe Wearing this shirt this shirt looks amazing on you girl guys go and get these shirts honestly look how look how nice Look how nice the shirts owner. I mean she’s a pretty attractive person in general. She’s pretty attractive personal in general, but I mean rockin that shirt very well Shinee shout out to my boy, Austin at the Harlequin he says he loves the hoodie. Yo that lee is looking pretty badass bro. Not even gonna Lie, bro I mean obviously because the overnight challenge Hoodie shut up Cl underscore Michelle is zero She says she got her brand new jumper, so I’m guessing you’re from England somewhere It’s very warm and soft and she has some claws that she made, huh she is the true dragon And that gray is actually looking pretty good on you actually I’m liking the great I have to [black] on myself, but this great one is looking pretty nice, too If you didn’t get a shout in this video, you will get a shout out in the next video Make sure you tag [me] in the photo. [send] it to me [on] Twitter That’s the easiest way for me to see it, and I will definitely give you a shout out Hope you guys enjoyed that video after you guys in the next one peace


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  11. My name is Justine I watch your videos everyday I know the YouTuber yet boo I will be soon also I already got I'm I really want to buy your merch but I can't cuz I'm saving all my money but when I save a lots of money I'll buy your March

  12. 17:20 Elsa is sitting up
    17:35 the refrigerator light went on
    19:53 the clock on the microwave in acting up
    And on 21:35 Elsa moved again

  13. Ok this was pretty scary how elsa was just sitting in the path room and doing all that creepy stuff oh at the end of the video when they were talking did anyone see elsa in the background behind them just sitting there when they just threw her in the path room garbage and i see her in the background at the end of the video she is not done yet she is still going they really didn't stop elsa ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜จ

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