Slap Shot (1/10) Movie CLIP – The Finer Points of Hockey (1977) HD

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And now back to Jim Carr’s Sports Talk. Hi. Jim Carr again. Denis, I know that some in our audience
don’t know the finer points of hockey. Could you tell them,
for example, what is icing? Well, icing happen when
the puck come down, bang, you know, before the other guys,
nobody there, you know. My arm go comes out,
then the game stop then start up. I see. What is high-sticking? High-sticking happen when the guy take
the stick, you know, and he go like that. You don’t do that. Oh, no. Never, never. – Why not?
– Against the rules. You stupid when you do that,
some English pig with no brains… Denis, what is slashing? Slashing is like that, you know? Mm-hm. And there’s a penalty for that? – Yeah. And for trip also, you know.
– Oh? Like that. And for hook like this. – And for spear, you know, like that.
– Mm-hm. All bad. You do that,
you go to the box, you know. Two minutes by yourself,
and you feel shame, you know. – Mm-hm.
– And then you get free. The Chiefs are at home against
Hyannisport at the War Memorial at eight. Good seats are still available. – A look at sports.
– I think that went very well.

100 thoughts on “Slap Shot (1/10) Movie CLIP – The Finer Points of Hockey (1977) HD

  1. hahahahaha. Love the Shin slash. Best Hockey/Sports comedy movie ever. Typical Canadian Frenchman there. Whole movie is priceless.

  2. How could great seats still be available at the War Memorial when this guy is between the pipes for the home team? Lemieux is wurt da price of hadmission alone.

  3. He's actully wrong, we actully developed our own language over the years. It has nothing to do with how the french talked 400 years ago dude 😉

  4. your French professor is just a dum ass and probablie a fucking retarded French form paris that eat fromage qui pue en shit

  5. All the comments will be about Lemieux…but Carr fuckin' NAILS it as the straight man. Brilliant. Good job boys…both of ya.

  6. I think you have to have played the game to appreciate this movie properly. I was raised in the suburbs of Detroit and spent a lot of time playing hockey both in Michigan and in Canada. I have many Canadian friends and wonderful memories of my visits to Ontario. – jwrit

  7. is this a comparison of sorts? no offence intended, these boys were bored after watching the movie…
    enjoy…. if u can watch it….

  8. whats the theme or soundtrack or song or whatever when the start of this starts you hear um… i cant try to spell it but it sounds like a hum. 0.05 it starts about there i think

  9. "You do that, you go to the box, you know..2 min. by yourself..and you feel shame, you know..and then you get free" F*cking love that line!

  10. One of the best sports films ever, and if you remember the 70s. it's great to see the clothes and all the wonderful cars we used to drive. Love the Hanson Bros, my homeboys.

  11. Criminally ignored by the academy in '78. But so what? Tell me if any of this makes sense: Gregory Peck opens the show by explaining the voting rules, Fonzie presents 'best art direction', Travolta presents 'best supporting actress', Farrah presents 'best editing', Raquel Welsh presents 'best documentary', Mickey Mouse presents 'best short film', Walter Matthau presents 'best actress', Stallone presents 'best actor', Vanessa Redgrave gets booed for taking a shot at Zionists, and the pièce de résistance, Bette Davis presents the 'humanitarian' award to Charlton 'out of my cold dead hand' Heston! And the fun wasn't over yet for abc. After the show they get complaints from deaf people that the sign language was incomprehensible. Bob Hope, who presided over the show, later described the evening as 'pretty f**ked up'. Producer Howard Koch confessed that he was 'quite high at the time'.

  12. So many hysterical moments in this movie, this interview at the top. My favorite moment is during the National Anthem, and the pre-game fight has left many bloodied and cut. The referee is fuming, so he skates over to one of the Hanson brothers and begins to scold him. Suddenly, the Hanson brother yells back without moving, "I'm listening to the F**king song!"
    Hysterical! !

  13. I like how the interviewer calls Denis 'Dennis' and Denis doesn't even react, like he is used to Hinglish people mispronouncing his name. It's so rare to hear a real Quebecois in an English movie, spot-on.

  14. Have you ever noticed that there is no book on how to play sports, like ice hockey? You basically have to be told the rules, how to play, by others. That is probably a good thing. For otherwise, the nerds would show up to play.

  15. I recently watched the movie again and while the hockey parts were hilarious as I remembered them I had to turn it off after about an hour because of the boring chick story lines.

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