Slaughterhouse04\MiaCrystal Rap Battles Wicket VS Slaughterhouse 04

This will be the final rap battle of Season 1. Of Slaughterhouse 04 Mia Crystal Rap Battles. Season 2 will be coming out soon after this. Slaughterhouse 04 Mia Crystal Rap Battles In this episode we have. Wicket VS Slaughterhouse 04!!!!!!!!!! Begin!! Let me start my rap right here. I’m about to drop the greatest flo’s you’ll ever hear. In the year. There is nothing better. So why don’t you go to your momma and write her a letter That you lose Cuz i’m the best in the world dude I’m a bee. Stinging everybody. Cuz I’m the king. You call me a queen. I’ll smack you again Cuz like D.J. Khaled All I really do is win!! And I’m a hit. I’m legit. So go and through a fit. Cuz you might as well. Cuz this is it!! It’s all about to diss. You might as well give up. And set a drift on memory bliss. Heh Heh. Sorry about the uh you know the little link there. But it doesn’t matter. Still gunna Win. I could have the worst verse ever And I’d still beat you. Cuz with all your crappy wacky little attitude. All your gunna do is lose. And that’s about it. I’ve said this before and i’ll do it again Your over!! Your done!! I’m exploding like a supernova!! Taking over!! And controlling Your nothing. I’m actually something. Like Dr. Dre from Straight Outta Compton!! Whoooo!! But before I go let me just make this clear. You’ll never win yo!! I’ll be back. For a second verse In a minute. So lets see if this clown can actually start winning. I read about it all in the paper I’ll break you down and smoke you like a piece of crack vapor. You gunna be roasted by the best. I’ll take you down buddy. Turn you into a mess. When I walk by the women say: WHAT? Who is that guy? That’s Chad!! That’s what!! I am the man and you can’t handle that. I’ll pull your pants down. Point at your goober. And say: WHAT IS THAT? Uber. Funny. Everybody be laughing. Cuz your just a little kid and thats it. Oh!! I’m sorry. Oh sorry!! I was taking a bath. Taking a shower. While I claim all the power. Ya know. But really I can be dirty. And I’d still win. Uh, I’m gunna wipe the floor with ya. I’m Tough. (Cough) I’m s-s-sorry. Woooooh!! So sleepy!! Cuz all this crap has got me thinking, Is this really a dream? Did you actually have a rhyme? Wow!! Well, Papoww!! Your Done!! While I’m actually having some fun!! Over here!! Ruining your whole chance of ever winning!! You were already done. Right at the beginning!! But I’ll never go. That’s right. Kapowww!! So go ahead!! Start and Try to take me down!!

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