Sled Hockey Equipment – Sled Assembly

hi and welcome back to the shop today we’ve got some new things to do one is putting together together Tara’s new hockey sled and yeah let’s get to it we were at the tournament down in Nashville, the sled hockey classic where we saw Randy and the guys from and girls too down there at Mobility Sports at their booth and Tara took a look at what they have to offer and decided to purchase one of their sleds and today we are putting it together so what does it come with it came with everything that you see this was in a different box and then this was in a different box everything was already the rest of everything was already pre-mounted and pre-done and Tara will have to kind of play with it a little bit on ice to make sure that it fits her style and and movement whatnot but everything’s made out of some quality and one of the things that she reason why she chose it is because of this padded straps give me that padded strap right there and the the way that they did their foam insulation I guess cold barrier liner for the inside so and everything came with instructions and also came with an extra strap and came with tools that we’re going to keep with us on the ice or actually in our stuff so that in case she has to make an adjustment or anything like that – and the foot strap is awesome instead of just a regular like cinch it tight strap like mine this actually ratchets down to hold her hold her feet in much better so my long scag down there everything looks really well-made and no complaints it also came with different spacers in case she wanted to bring in her blades right here in case these blades she wanted them closer in or further apart these are three inches apart and as you can see it’s got the combination red-orange there i love how everything’s kinda color coded and, and these pieces are they seem like they’re pretty robust just well put together so it came with these it came with came with some other options as far as like I said the wider or narrower so we’re going to get back to work here so we put the washer in there we put the bolt in there and then a washer and then another washer for in between right here that’s not focusing very well there we go so right here’s another washer and then down through the frame and here’s what we’re going to put the the bolt i’m using the impact drill just because I know how hard these sometimes can be to tighten down it’s also got a nylon locking thread so okay looks nice and solid right there okay so four more just like this and then we’ll see what the what the outcome is after ok we hit a little bit of a snag but it’s nothing that we can take care of as you can see right there if i were to put the bolt in there is actually I can’t so I’m gonna make some little marks here just so I know where it all gets put back your Tara’s height and we’re gonna be adjusting it anyway so i’m gonna go ahead and and loosen these up which they’re already looks like they’re already loosened up cuz well that one was I guess Randy kinda probably figured that we would be doing this anyway there we go there’s that one you probably figured that we would need to do this any way to get the bucket on there so that’s what we’re going to do alright we’ve knocked it all the way back now to where there won’t be any impedance And uh, this isn’t working here… I need to put a washer in between here… and the other washer between there… looks like thats… good to go… we’ll get the nylon bolts on there can see that we can’t see this one just yet ok ok and there gosh sorry about the finger right there and there you have it we’re going to go ahead and tighten these down you watched me tighten the other one down so you don’t probably don’t need to see the other four happen what I did do though to kind of hold those in places is I used some of my favorite blue tape and I use it for everything so it wouldn’t kinda wiggle out of place until I put the rest of that stuff on there there There may be an easier way I don’t know but seemed like the right way to do it so that’s what we did alright be right back after i’m done with the other three nuts bolts and yeah we’ll be back guess i should mention how I’m what order I’m tightening these down in so i’m just going to do the crisscross pattern the one I did here in the back to kind of hold it all together and then I’ll do this one right here and then i’ll go back to the back and then then up to the front here it probably doesn’t matter but it just seems like it would be kind of a better idea to kind of keep everything square and the way it needs to be so alright be right back putting this back to where the markings are and for the final touch we’re going to go ahead and knock this back where it needs to be to the marks that we made so that Tara can go in and and get in it and give it a shot I just don’t want to put the brand new skates here on the concrete that’ll definitely messed them up yeah so brand-spanking-new just sharpened that this thing is probably pretty fast! alright let’s put it back in place Non-marring hammer… Almost there… taaadaaahh!! Tightened up, good to go… lets tighten those down right there and get Tara in it in the house and see how she feels all right back inside didn’t take long for the dog to lay down and now waiting on Tara to get in her sled I don’t know how this works yet… Just ratchet it in… Nope…nope… oh I just wanted to get the excess… I’ll have different clothes on.. yeah definitely you want to just do that lap strap? this one? yep yeah and then with this, that will be the final so… how do you feel?? Feels good. Wow… where’d you get that sled? mobility 360 mobility 360 nope. no? Thats the gym we go to ability 360 Oh? haha whats it called? mobility sports.. oh i thought it was 360. wait it IS 360 it even says it! (no) sorry Randy Its mobility 360 babe… (sorry Randy) I tried How would she do in a check? hahaha i wonder if I’m about the same height off aren’t I? No, you look a little lower… Do I? Mmmhmm I’m going to compare it with…. alright you like it? YESSSS thank you! you’re welcome

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