(inspiring piano music) (music continues) – Earlier this year, I decided that I wanna provide the
opportunity for 10 kids to get involved in sledge hockey or support them if
they’re already playing. Sleds and sticks cost around $700, plus hockey gear is about $300, a thousand bucks puts a kid in a sled. People started throwing their hands up, they’re like, “I would love to donate.” – There was so much enthusiasm
that went through the office that we actually managed
to buy seven sleds, and we’re really happy about that. (applause) – When Kevin approached me and
said, “Hey, I got this idea”, I jumped on it. I wanted the families to feel what I felt when I got on the ice with
my kid for the first time and played on an equal set,
an equal playing field, and I was bawling my eyes out because I could actually
play sports with my kid. We’re trying to make sure we
deliver that inclusive message to as many families as we can reach, and this is evident that it’s working. – The goal is 10 grand for 10 kids, we actually exceeded
it, we raised $13,000. (applause) And it’s just insane, it’s just so incredible. (inspiring piano music) – It looks good with the
blue and the red on the– – You know I’m a Leaf fan
right? This is killing me. – One of the things that
was really cool today, we got on the ice here
and Jonathan over there, I’m like, “How’s the new
sled fitting, is it better?” He’s like, “Yeah!”, he’s like, “It’s faster (laughing), it’s
a high performance sled.” I’m like, “Show me!” and he
moved and he does this thing, and I just love that. Now these kids have
better fitting equipment to alleviate pain, and now they are probably
faster on the ice. – There’s been so many
different kids here today. Every single one of them
has their own story, and everyone brings in
this really playful spirit and energy to the event. – Our daughter was injured a year ago, this is all brand new to us, and just seeing so many people in a similar situation to we are, it’s comforting, eh? – Normally, she’s the
only kid in a wheelchair. To not be able to tell
which one is her is superb. (rising string music) – We have so many people
who believe in us, in our stories, in our sport. We just would love for the opportunity to continue to make an impact
like this every single year. (music) You actually get to see and
feel the impact yourself having the donors here, get the opportunity to
meet the recipients, meet the families. I just wanna say, again,
thank you so much. This day is beyond my own belief. I didn’t even know how
amazing it could be, so thank you very, very
much for being here today. (applause) – One, two, three, sledge hockey!


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