– So at any point in sledge hockey, whether you’re a
beginner or advanced, you’re gonna wanna learn
how to get yourself back up when you fall down,
as soon as possible. There’s many different
ways to do that. So we’re gonna show
a couple right now. First, when you’re skating,
just a typical example is if you receive a body
check, you fall over. All you gonna want to do
is get back on your blades and learn how to get yourself straight going again
as quickly as possible. Same thing, fall down. Get back up.
You can keep moving. Lean forward.
Fall down. Get back up, lean
forward, keep moving. Now, maybe you’re
gonna be skating and you get really
knocked down and you guys are trying
to reach the puck still. So, if you fall down, say you
receive a big body check, and you wanna keep going, you could focus on
a couple things. One, is dragging
yourself along the ice. And when you’re dragging
yourself along the ice you wanna think of where
your hand positions are. One is you’re gonna want to choke
up, down on the bottom of the stick. And when you’re picking yourself, notice that, if I lean
my bucket over, there’s a big grab in the ice. A lot of sledge hockey buckets have the bolts sticking
out of the side, so when they dig in the ice, it’s harder for you to
pull yourself round. So, when I’m on my side, I’m focusing on getting as much
as possible on my stomach, so when I pull, it’s just my jersey
along the ice that I’m pulling. I have a proper hand position where I have one further up
in front of the other, always. My right hand’s always in front. And if I have the puck
moving around, this is where you can
also practice on sliding your body over on to
different sides of the ice. Now… This might not always be possible, depending on what kind
of disability you have. With my spinal cord injury,
it can hurt at times. But this allows me to maneuver
around as quickly as possible during the game. So I’m picking, picking. I can get myself over. Get myself up quickly, that’s
gonna go back to the other drill. Where I’m pulling myself up. Spin, full acceleration. So those are a couple of
simple drills you can do both to condition yourself and get yourself moving back into
the play as quickly as possible. Hey everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. It means the world to me if you
can leave comment below. Please tell me what we
can do differently. Any ideas for a future video. We’re putting out content
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