– Hey everyone, today
I wanna talk to you a little about taping your
sticks in sledge hockey. There is a secret. I wasn’t gonna give
it out at first. Taping your sticks is just a normal thing like any hockey player would do. But I got something
else for you at end. So the first think I wanna
show you, simply, if you don’t already have one,
get a tape tiger in your bag. They’re really awesome key tools. About 15 dollars in
any kind of sports store. And it gets your
tape off real easy. You start at the back,
push down the middle. Get one. Get two, and then, you can
just peel your tape off. There you go. There you go. Comes off real easy. Now, what we’re gonna
do is tape our sticks. Like I said, nothing
too special but… It’s all personal preference. I find that I do enjoy taping the toe of my stick because
you can actually see from this one here,
just that it’s very and common for the end of your stick
to get chewed up. And given how, still,
fairly expensive sticks can be, I’d wanna
preserve the life of that as long as I can. So, I’m always gonna grab a small piece first. Tape of the end. Tape it halfway on both sides. Pinch it over,
pinch it over. Alright, now we’re gonna
start with the heel of the stick. My preference is just lining them up halfway. Alright. Now, you got two fresh sticks but here’s the trick
and here’s the secret. So many times in sledge hockey, players are getting caught with not getting their hands
down their sticks quick enough. We have another
video showing you a drill you can practice to get your hands
down quicker but the problem in sledge is,
or one of the biggest problems in sledge is when you
have fresh tape, it’s sticky. Especially, and it gets
sticky in your gloves. So when you need to quickly
jump to the bottom of your stick, you’ll let go and your stick will be literally stuck there
and it may not be that you… And it just will never let go but that half of a second or
a millisecond of a delay can be the difference between
you getting your hand down in time to receive a pass or missing it and then
the play is broken up. So, here’s what you wanna do. What I prefer to do. Johnson’s baby powder. This is the secret. Now, you can always use wax,
you could use nothing, if you prefer that but over
all the years of playing, I’ve experimented with
wax and baby powder and there’s other
miscellaneous products like, I literally, at one time,
was even just picking up dust and dirt off the ground putting it on the
edge of my sticks. But what you’re gonna
want to do is just put a little bit in your hand. And then, with each stick,
I don’t want to put it over the entire blade but
I want it on the top edge of the blade
and the bottom which is where you’re
gripping the tightest. So just put some in my hand,
I just kind of pat it. And then rub it back and forth and I’ll pinch my
two fingers together, rub it tighter on the top and
then I’ll reverse to the bottom. Just kind of spread it
evenly across the bottom and then I saw it
back and forth. Take my fingers, pinch it. And then I’ll just knock it
on the ground, one good hit. And now you’ll find both
the top and the bottom of my sledge hockey stick
have baby powder on them. And it’s a lot smoother to go up and down
inside of your glove. And if you really want
to take it to another level, I don’t find that I need this but if it’s in a game situation, I’ll carry the baby powder
on the bench with me and get the trainer
to bring it out, And if I don’t have
time to do it in my bare hands or whatever, all you wanna do is just
throw it in your glove real quick. You can do it here, in the
game, slide up and down. Or just put in your glove,
rub it all around and that’s gonna allow you
the quick hands that you need to receive passes and move
yourself around the ice quicker without getting stuck with
your hand on the top of the blade. Hey everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. It means the world to me if you
can leave comment below. Please tell me what we
can do differently. Any ideas for a future video. We’re putting out content
every single week here to educate people and let
people know more about how to play the sport
of sledge hockey. So please hit subscribe
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  1. Kevin, thank you so much. We have a team at Community Living in Renfrew On., and that tip, along with all your other ones, will be very much appreciated. If you find yourself in the Ottawa Valley you will be most welcome. Allan

  2. You mentioned a video about a drill for moving your hands quickly along the sticks – can you share a link? It would be great to always include a link to any videos you reference. Thanks!

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