(Inspiring music) – I wanna say on behalf of
my entire staff and team that we really appreciate
everything that you’ve done to help serve our
country and your country. And I hope that today, as we
all share the ice together, we’re gonna have a hell of a good time! (group clapping) (inspiring music) – Out there today, it was fun. I mean we took a bunch of new players, players who’ve have never played together. Players from different countries with different language barriers. We put them on the ice
for a couple of hours and then we said, go play! (inspiring music) – We want to win but the main thing is wanna have fun out there too. (audience clapping) (inspiring music) (crowd cheering) (inspiring music) (whistle blowing) (inspiring music) – One, two, three, fight. (cheering) Fight.
(cheering) Fight.
(cheering) (cheering) – One, two, three. – [All] Invictus! I love the Invictus Games. – I think it’s been great. I’ve had my son here
for the last few days. And it’s been a really good
teaching opportunity for him, to meet some new people and
understand some injuries and that not everyone’s the same. So it’s been really
good for him at his age. – Yeah! (faint dialogues) – [Blonde Child] Ah! – Oh! – [Child Off Screen] Go fast, go fast. (Inspiring music) – I got to watch these guys go from no knowledge of sled hockey to playing a full game and I got to see the smile on their faces when they check somebody and they got the puck and they passed it. Or when they just were
moving fast down the ice. And that’s what it’s all about. (inspiring music) – It doesn’t get any better than this. I mean, you know, you got
people that are protecting our countries that we live in and live great lives and this is therapeutic for them and it helps them. And anything we can do to
help this be better for them I’m all for it. (buzzard blaring) (group cheering) (inspiring music)


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