– Hey everybody,
I just wanna show you a little tech tip for the day. What I have found is a great sledge hockey toolkit to carry around
with you at all times. Especially in the
beginning years when you’re working
on your sled regularly. Once you get dialed and
you don’t need so many tools but to get yourself in a
position where whenever you’re at the rink, you’ve got what
you need to work on your sled. So the first thing, this isn’t really tool but if
you haven’t seen it already, check out the baby powder video for helping out with your sticks. It’s not a wrench, like a tool but
I find this is part of the toolkit, I would never wanna
leave without it. Beyond that, you’re just gonna want
to go to the dollar store and literally pick up a
pencil case for 99 cents, something cheap to carry
yourself around all your stuff. So when you pull it out, in no particular order here. I’ve got a seven-sixteenth
ratchet and a wrench. These are the most common size of wrenches and
tools that you use, especially on a more
advanced sled. But everyone’s gonna need
these sizes of wrenches to get your blades
off your sled. The next think you’re
gonna want to have is a three-eighths wrench,
along with a set of allen keys. So, the three-eighths is
what’s gonna work perfectly for getting your picks off
the end of your sticks. One-eighth allen
key on one side and then three-eighths
on the other side is what you’re gonna use
to get your picks off. You’re gonna want to use what do got here? 532. I don’t if you say
five-32nds or 532 but this is just for
the front of your sled. Working on the frame. More than often, these
things do not come loose but that’s another common allen
key size that we’re gonna use. And then, an adjustable wrench
is always good to have for the beginner sleds. I don’t have the correct
size in front of me but for these beginner sleds where the front of this scag
can often come loose, so it’s good to have an
adjustable ready to go. For these beginner
sleds as well, most everything else you’ll
find is just seven-sixteenths, seven-sixteenths,
seven-sixteenths. All around. Beyond that, it’s good idea
to keep an extra clip for when you’re sled’s adjustable, these things can get lost
real easily, beginner sleds. You’re gonna want to keep an extra ratchet. Now, these sleds,
those types of hooks and straps don’t break too easily, but if you’re still using
the old style, which is literally just
a snowboard binding, these can end up
breaking real easy. Either the plastic breaks or the
spring will come loose or snap and if you can have
them already pre-cut down to the proper strap
length, that’s ideal. Beyond that… Having any kind of
normal wrench with different adjustable sizes, these are really good. I find that Phillips
screw driver is most commonly used for working on the straps
on your bucket. But having a flathead
is really good if you gotta work on your
helmet or anything else. So you want a set of
adjustable screwdrivers. If you haven’t seen already, I find that tape tiger
is really useful. And you’re gonna want to carry around an
extra set of picks. I just find if you
put them together, then they don’t get lost
so easily in your bag. Keep an extra set of
the bolt and the nut as well, so, you’re
always ready to go. Simple screws, these are
very miscellaneous size but, depending on
what you use to tie together your bucket straps, I always wanna keep an
extra set of these around, in case one gets lost,
one gets stripped. And the last thing I find
really useful is a Sharpie. So, when I was beginning
setting up my sled, I often had a lot of
different adjustments and if you have a Sharpie,
then you could actually mark on the aluminum tube when you’re sliding
your blades forward or sliding your
blades backwards, as a reference point. So carry around a Sharpie and
you always able to mark your sled. And beyond that, I don’t know if there’s
anything else. If you have any
ideas or comments, please leave them in the
video comments below. I’d love to hear from you but for what I found over the years,
that’s my sledge hockey toolkit. Hey everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. It means the world to me if you
can leave comment below. Please tell me what we
can do differently. Any ideas for a future video. We’re putting out content
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  1. I just became a equipment manager for a sledge hockey team and i saw this video. It was a big help in getting me started in this sport. Thank you!!!!

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