Sleepy Morning Breakfast! Stump Kitchen 10

Oh good morning. It’s time to get up! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Put on your pants. Pants are important. [yawns] Whoa auto focus. It’s so pretty in the morning in my house. It’s just beautiful. Let’s make some coffee. [siren blaring] There’s sirens! [coffee maker whirring] Coffee time! Now let’s make some toast! [sing-song] Toast, toast, toast, toast, toast,
toast! [yawning]
One piece of toast. You know, people should not have to ever get
up for anything. What am I doing? This honey is sticky! Oh. [yawning]
Put some honey in your coffee and some coconut cream not dairy milky-milks. Mmm! There’s no flash anymore. The water’s boiled. So stick it in your coffee. [sings] Rat-da-da! Mmm! This is a Bodum for one.
It’s a tiny, tiny — [toaster pops]
Whoo! Toast ready! [yawning]
Oh my god! Peanut butter and jam-a-lam. Jam-a-lam, jam-a-lam. [grunting] Oh! Why is it so tiring? [sing-song] Peanut butter! Peanut butter on toast is like the fastest
vegan breakfast ever. They get so boring so one day I’m going to
show you folks, like, some really sweet vegan breakfasts, but today there’s just no time. Because I sleep ’til the last minute. Always. Mmm. Lick your knife! Get the coffee ready. Let this marinate for like four minutes and
then it will be ready for drinking. It’s probably halfway there. [record scratch] [cricket sounds] [sing-song] Brush your teeth! Brush your teeth! [inaudible] Brush your teeth! What’s up with this hair? Ready for the day! Coffee’s probably ready! [sing-song] Push you down, push you down,
blah blah blah. Oh you’re like a morning, golden treat! [sing-song] Stir it up, stir it up! Oh. Well now I’m awake! Just kidding. It doesn’t happen that easily. [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Thanks for being a part of my morning routine. Good job on getting up today! That shit’s hard! Have an awesome day and I’ll see you next
time on Stump Kitchen. Bye!

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