Small Engine Repair: Briggs and Stratton mower vs. tree stump

welcome to In this video I’m going to be talking
about small engine repair I was mowing this when I ran into a small problem. And now my lawn mower sounds like this: Worst-case scenario the shaft is bent. That’s something that’s not safe to fix and the solution is just to buy new lawn
mower. But let’s not panic yet. No doubt I bent the blade so I’ll go ahead and replace that first. Always disconnect the spark plug before
working on a lawn mower. This is the mulching blade. It’s supposed
to be bent… but not this much. A bent blade that is out of balance can cause a lot of vibration. A new blade runs around twenty dollars but it’s easy to
change. All right we have the new blade in place so let’s fire it up and see if it makes a difference. You can already see that it’s a lot
better but there’s still some funny noises and still some vibration. The flywheel key is going to have to be changed as well.
This part is designed to be sacrificed when something like a
stomp or rock causes the engine stopped abruptly. It’s
a very inexpensive part but some disassembly is required. Now I watched a whole lot of
YouTube videos on how to change the flywheel key and some videos were better than
others. On my website I link to the two best videos that I found. This is what the flywheel looks like. The tricky part is getting that 15/16 inch nut off
because everything wants to turn. Now an impact
wrench will work best if you have one. If not you can do what I
ended up doing I used piece of lumber propped between the discharge chute and the
blade in order to stop the blade from moving and I was able to remove the nut with
the regular socket wrench. Here are two flywheel keys. Yep that’s the old one on the left
sheared right in half and on the right is the new key. With the flywheel back place it’s just a matter up lining up the slot and
inserting the new key. Check out the steady camera work. All right there we go. The key is in place and the lawn mower
can now be reassembled. Now I did have to go out and buy a
torque wrench like this one here because that 15/16 inch nut
has to be torqued to 55 foot-pounds Now the moment of truth: Perfect. So, there you have it. For more information and for the links to those YouTube videos
that I mentioned you can visit the blog post on my website at Thank you very much for
watching. Cheers

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