Smart base runner steals home easily. How to steal home in baseball.

We’ve already made a video on how to steal
home guaranteed to work, but when that video was made, there was no actual footage of the
steal in action. Now we have one caught on tape. While this isn’t Little League, the concept
is identical and the secondary lead in Little League would not look any different. Here we have a runner on 3rd who is watching
the pitcher turn and ignore him every time he gets the throw back. You see that this
runner is not drawing undo attention to himself, he is simply hanging out there after each
through. Typically we will not use this stolen base
opportunity unless there are two outs. Once there are two outs and the chance of scoring
this runner drops, then it’s time to take advantage of the pitchers lack of alertness. This runner on third and the third base coach
have the opportunity to watch 13 throw backs to the pitcher. Initially the pitcher is watching
the runner, but that quickly changes. The routine of pitch after pitch sets in and because
the runner at third isn’t aggressive, he begins to ignore him. The second out is recorded
and the coach give the go ahead. Now it’s in the hands of the runner. Stay out and wait
for the pitcher to turn away and then go. The stolen base was so easy the runner doesn’t
even need to slide! While this isn’t as common on 90 foot bases
and in higher levels, there are still rare opportunities. Also, it’s plays like this
one that teach kids the importance of staying alert at all times. So there you have it. Finally a video of the
actual steal in action!

15 thoughts on “Smart base runner steals home easily. How to steal home in baseball.

  1. I have a question about the rules because of something that happened in my game yesterday, i was wondering if you or someone who knows the rules could answer me.
    It was bases loaded with 0 outs, I was on third, the ball is hit, a grounder to the shortstop, so i go, and they throw to the catcher for the force. I assumed the catcher would catch the ball, and i was out, so i didnt slide, but at the last second running down the basepath, i saw he dropped it, i jumped over the catcher, and tagged home before he picked up the ball, but i was called out, do you know why? it was little league btw, and i wasnt out of the basepath

  2. I can't I play softball and for all the teams playing we r not allowed to run before the pitcher throws the ball but we r able to take a lead

  3. I have a question about rules, I am new to baseball and play in little league. So the umpire called a ball and then the pitcher threw me 2 strikes, but then the umpire said I was out, so my coaches came in to argue for me, but me and coach got ejected, everyone clearly heard the ump say 1 ball 2 strikes, does anyone have an idea of what happened?

  4. No offense, but this is bush for the age level that these kids are facing this. This is little league, not competitive travel ball. The kids are young, yes they learn, but there’s no point of doing this at a young age

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