In this video we’re gonna talk about the double defense. The double defense is extremely difficult to master so you have to really really focused on all the small details. We will go through five key elements in the double defense. In this video I will show you my final view on how to do the perfect double defense. Alright, so focus point number 1 in the double defense is that you have to be relaxed in your body. You have to get your arms in the right position and also your upper body. Your arms has to go out in front of you and your upper body has to be in a neutral position. You have to be relaxed have to be comfortable when you are waiting for the smash. Focus point number 2. We have an extremely important movement before we hit the shuttle and that is the elbow. So when you are waiting for the shuttle the elbow has to move up just before you hit it. Like this – up and hit. Number 3 is the rotation in your forearm so when you hit the shuttle your arm rotates in to the shuttle so the elbow comes first and the rotation in the arm. If you dont rotate in the arm you wont have enough power to make all the way to the base line. Number 4 That would be the kick back movement. So when you hit the shuttle you have to move it quickly in your start position again. So when you hit it you go back again and you are ready for the next one. Focus point no 5 is your grip. Its really important when you are waiting for the smash that you are very loose in your grip. You have the thumb to help you generate all the power. Use your finger power. Totate your arm the elbow rotation and the finger power comes like this just in the end. Thats it. Thanks for watching good luck out there and practice this doubles defense. If you have any questions just leave a comment below in the comment field and we will answer them as quickly as possible. Take care see you!

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  1. Can we please have a How to Smash Progression video? You have taught us so well how to smash but as a beginner, it's hard to do it all correct at once. If you could give exercises getting progressively more advanced up to the perfect smash that'd be great! E.g. for the crosscourt stick smash video, I am not good enough right now to consistently hit with a proper forehand grip and pronation whilst rotating my hips and adducting my leg at the same time, which do i focus on first? Thank you this channel is awesome!

  2. This is not to defence all smashes ….especially when smashes are on the upper part on the body….we should not always use this….to drop the shuttle while you are defending is good deal…not to give the opponents more chance to hit

  3. Hi, I understand that movement starts by elbow up, then forearm rotation, then thumb while tightening the grip, So, what about the wrist movement?

  4. Can you explain the positioning of the players for recieving the smash and also return of service and effective replies to the return of the services in doubles

  5. Rasmus + Thomas = Quality content!

    One question, do you recommend using a thumb grip or a bevel grip for most backhand smash defence?

  6. What if the smash is in the forehand side and straight to your body? How can you change the grip if you commit it to the backhand defensive grip??

  7. Thx for the wonderful tips! Just one small question .. do u shorten ur grip when preparing for the defense? Like some players take short-grips up to the triangular cap of the grip. Will it be helpful to prepare for powerful smashes?

  8. Once again a great video. Thank you. Through your videos, I am able to observe principles underlying most of the common shots. For example, throwing your elbow forward is required in smash defense, smash as well as backhand clear. I believe that if we can understand the common themes which forms a part of all these shots, then we would be able to execute it more adequately. It would be very helpful, if you can create some videos from a theoretical perspective and show how and why a common principle is applied across several shots. Thanks a lot for these amazing lessons 🙂

  9. Please go over singles defense. I feel like I am slow in reacting to smashes even though I'm lifting and expecting the smash. I feel like i have to push off that is fast enough but i can't react well enough

  10. Your racquet head is pointing parallel to the net. It should point towards the shuttle. Else one decent smash on right hand shoulder is enough to kll you.

  11. Should we hold the rackect from top or bottom side of the grip or from its centre to grenrate more power? Answer plz…

  12. What if the shuttle comes in the right side? I can't defend on my right side with backhand grip and I can't change the grip either. (that quickly)

  13. What if the smash comes on right side near the line or probably on line.Then by this technique the birdie clearly out of range then what?????

  14. What about not lifting the shuttle again and again, this way you give your opponent the chance to smash again (and again etc. maybe).
    Try to get it lower and pass the front player left or right (if they use the system offense is front-back and defense is next to eachother). That way you take the offense yourself and release yourself from the smashes of the opponent. Or, if you can’t use this, hit the shuttle as far as possible to the end of the court and as much left or right, best on the backhand side.

  15. What grip are you using in this stance? The backhand grip or bevel grip? In your new video on the forehand doubles defense you say you use a bevel grip… Are you switching grips while playing defense?

  16. I saw this video and went to play today, my defence improved a lot. It's not at all extremely hard. It's just a bit different.

  17. I see your videos and they are good for all classes of players. One thing I would request is for every shot you show, please show clearly the grip (how you to hold the racket), that will be a key to practice your profound shots – Thanks much!

  18. I have 2 questions: what type of backhand do u use when defending? The bevel grip or standard flat backhand grip? And where do we grip our handle? At the top of the handle, the middle or at the bottom? I was really confused with this. Any help would be appreciated. And keep up with the awesome badminton content!

  19. What if the shuttle comes right under arm which is little higher toward your armpit than your demonstration?

  20. I mostly be ready with neutral grip so we get a better chance to intercept the deep smashes in the right side otherwise with my backhand grip the bird will mostly fly to the front court for my opponent to kill it. This is what an average club player can do in my view and depends because if your opponent is strong and sees that you have backhand grip ready to defend then 90-95% it will be steep smash in deep right box!! OMG!

  21. In men's doubles when in either forehand or backhand rearcourt is it bettER to smash straight or in-between opponents (assuming both opponents are of equal ability and your partner is in the correct position)? I know both are good options (straight smash = shorter distance to travel / smash between opponents = creates confusion for opponents) but is one bettER than the other? Obviously would mix it up but what would you have as your 'default' shot and which would be the 'alternative' shot? Thanks! Dan

  22. Please teach us to move our footwork.
    I'm so slow just running. Don't know how to move legs & steps

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