Smash feeding – High feeding – Badminton

Let’s move on to the multi feeding up
from the high places the high positions. This is more tricky because now
we are in the attacking position and this exercise could be used for the
defense training in the singles and also in the doubles. It can also be used for the
defense training in singles full court. So sometimes I hit slow sometimes I hit
the smashes but how do we do this up in the air. It’s always here that some
of the players I train they really struggle on hitting these smashes so
you need to practice this a little bit. I will show you how I do this and how I
would recommend you to train this technique. A lot of things are
similar to the low positions. I still have the shuttles in my hand the same way in front of your body. Open up so I can pull them up. I
still use these two fingers on pulling the shuttle. What’s different here is
that now I need to throw the shuttle up in the air just a little bit. Not too
much. I will show you two different techniques. I will show you the fast one
where I hit the shuttle very quickly and very fast. This is used for more for more
fast feeding when we really want the player on the other side to have quick
reactions and you can train the defense in a very very quick movement. I will
also show you the other one where I throw the shuttle up higher in the air
where I can do more precise hits and the player has more time to react on the
other side. Let me start with the fast one.
The fast one it’s really important that you hit the shuttle before it
starts to rotate down. So when I throw this shuttle up I need to hit it
somewhere in this position. If the shuttle goes like this it will be a
little bit more tricky for us to hit it because I have a bigger chance of
hitting the feathers so I want it to hit the shuttle around this
position. You need to use the same principles as at the low positions. You
still need to have a loose grip so you can use the finger power to push. And
then of course you need to have a swing up here. So it needs to be like this. As
you can see I’m rotating now a little bit in my arm – that’s different from the
low positions. Let me now show you the
more controlled multi feeding where I throw the shuttle up high in the air. I’m
waiting for it to come down to me and then I do the precise hit. In this multi
feeding technique it’s easier for me to do precise hits down on the other side
out on the line or on the body on the player working. I have more control over
this shuttle because it’s not going really really fast and quick
quick all the time. I will take the shuttle the same way as the other
two. I will just throw this shuttle a little bit higher up in the air and this
is where it gets tricky because you need to have a good feeling on
where to hit the shuttle. Is it here or is it all the way to the side? I will
recommend to hit it around this position – a little bit out on the side
where you still feel comfortable on hitting the hard smash out here.

14 thoughts on “Smash feeding – High feeding – Badminton

  1. Brother i m from indian and i love your videos layborn sir !! I,m 13 yrs old . Sir can u give me some tips to become a better badminton player sir

  2. Thank you Coach Thomas, this feeding technique is great. I use it when practicing alone on the court. Feeding myself improves my focus, contact point and shot stroke. When practicing I target different areas of the court and vary the speed of my shots. It has proven helpful in developing accurate touch shots as I can play the same shot over repeatedly to develop muscle memory. Always appreciate your work.

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