SNIPE ALL DAY // On-Ice Hockey Training

Hey guys, it’s Derek with Total Hockey here
with Jeff to work on some shooting drills. I snipe all day son! Your first shooting drill is gonna be almost
like swinging a baseball bat with that weighted donut on it. Alright? I’m going to be resisting
your shot and you’re just going to have to power through it. You’re going to come on
this side load a puck up every time into a loaded position. I’m going to resist with
this stick here as you shoot. There you go! Do five with the resistance and then take
five without it. Alright, lets see how fast that pill flies off with these last. Now you’re
gonna rip. There you go. Oh! One more bar down. Load it. You will not stop me! Still going bar down. This next one is where you’re going to make
those band hands count. It’s no backswing, little forearm snaps towards the net. So,
again, no backswing. You can’t use your arms your only bearing down with that forearm and
that bottom hand, squeezing it tight. Alright so those ball drills and the bands, perfect
for this. Let’s make those balls count. There you go. Snap through it, all your weight
on that bottom hand. There you go. Keep snapping through it. Good. You can even slide the hand down a little
bit to the middle of the stick. There you go. Our last one here is a weight shift shooting
drill but you’re gonna be facing the net. So a standard weight shift is where you’re
facing, you know, with your should facing the net you’re driving off of that back leg
to the front. This one you’re going to be turned this way. Balanced on the right, step
with the left and then snap forward. Alright? Here we go, posting in, low blocker. What’s
up goalies? There you go. Step and snap, perfect. You gonna hit a bar? Oh! There we go. Good, good. That weight transfer is driving
a whole lot more power than if you were just standing on the left leg and shooting. One
more, lets go cheddar boys. Cut! Cut, cut, cut. Should we go bar down? Yeah, let’s go bar
down guys. Let’s get a bar down. Oh my god, he does it and he delivers! That was inside bar. Even better. If you want to learn more about how to play
like Jeff: subscribe to our channel and comment below. Class dismissed! Today we’re in the gym showing you a couple
forearm exercises to make those snappers go bar-meow.

15 thoughts on “SNIPE ALL DAY // On-Ice Hockey Training

  1. im a good shooter would like to say sniper but also a great play maker but i like to load shots whenever i can what stick would be better
    true xcore 9 or bauer 1s?

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