41 thoughts on “Snow Volleyball in Italian Alps | Adventures In Volleyball

  1. I’ve seen you guys play in snow and sand tournaments, but what about a grass doubles tournament? In Lake Tahoe on July 27 is NorCals biggest grass volleyball tournaments! I believe Sean rosenthal even used to play in this tournament when he was younger! Would love to see you guys come up and play!

  2. First of all, I love your content<3 Super fun to follow both your training and social life on one channel. What I would love to see more of is specific exercises to jump higher for example. I would love to see what your favourite exercises are. Keep up the good work<3

  3. Amazing vlog guys, it seems like you had a great trip. This was the most entertaining video you have made so far. Keep up the good work, and good luck inn the upcoming tournaments!

  4. Dude this needs to happen in socal at big bear or mammoth. That would be sick! I love your guys channel. Now I miss my beard a lot haha

  5. looks like you are going to visit Italy again next year to defend your title right?
    By the way: I would rather kill to get one of these Shirts! They just look unreal! … Greets from Germany again!

    Keep it up Guys 😊🤙

  6. In Germany not looking someone in the eye after cheering means you’re going to have seven years of bad sex

  7. Glad they still hosted the tournament! That would have been sad to go all the way to Italy without playing snow volley.

  8. This is awesome, we can't wait for the next episode!! #beasnower #McKibbinBrothers #TheBeardEdition <3

  9. Can you guys do a video about defence as a blocker for when you drop off the net? Greetings from the Netherlands!🇳🇱

  10. bonjour, elle est cool ta vidéo. J'essaie de me lancer en proposant des vidéos de ski freeride et randonnée, si cela peut t'interesser.

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