So we decided that we didn’t need those tree stumps

It’s a green bottle; you can’t miss it. Luke, I’m gonna punch you! It’s not green anyway, It’s orange… Allahu Akbar! I’m done, y’all friggin do this. Allahu Akbar!! whoo! Slow-mo! Let’s watch it in slow-mo! In slow-mo?? Yeah! Cheeese! Allahu Akbar!! And I missed it!>:( That was- Got both of ‘m. Ah Ahoo0o0o my gosh! Ha ha ha! Wow! Ok I mean… Yeah. There’s smoke but there’s nothing on fire… Why is there smoke when there’s nothing on fire? It’s just that hot. wow Heck yeah Why is there smoke if there’s nothing on fire?
[Bruh, you’ve asked this like three times now. SMH] That’s a good way to… Get rid of some stumps.
(I think that’s what he said) H’yeah! (That is) A lot funner than usin’ a shovel [laughter]

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