Soda siblings turn up at a baseball stadium!! The Return of Superman / 2017.05.14]

(Until the East Sea’s waters and Mount Baekdu) (Are dry and worn away) Three, four. (They’re singing the national anthem together.) (Hurray to our country) Good job. Every time you sing the national anthem, you need sing with a loving heart towards our country. – Okay. / – Okay. I recently got an offer from Nexen Heroes. They wanted Soeul and Daeul to sing the national anthem and pitch the first ball. (Singing the national anthem) (before a sports match is a very important duty.) Soeul will be carrying out this important duty. – I’ll be by your side. / – Okay. So don’t worry and just have fun. – Okay. / – Okay. (Gocheok Sky Dome) (Who is greeting Bumsoo and his kids?) – Hello. Nice to meet you. / – Hello. (They are the mascots of the Heroes.) Hello. (Am I dreaming?) It’s a robot. Hello. Look at the robot. – This is Dongeuli. / – Dongeuli. – This is Tuckdori. / – Tuckdori. This is a dome stadium, so his name is Dom DomI. – Dom DomI? / – Yes. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. Say hello. Hello. – What’s your name? / – Soeul. Soeul? Nice to meet you. (Soeul learns how to pitch a ball.) (She learns) (very quickly.) (She throws the ball far away.) Good job. Good job. That’s how you do it. (She must’ve learned a few things from here and there.) (Her posture is pretty decent.) (Did she just throw a curve ball?) (She throws every ball sincerely.) (Did you practice behind my back, Soeul?) You’re doing great, Soeul. (While Soeul’s doing her best…) While Soeul practices diligently, Daeul is… (He turns on his mischievous side.) (Mumbling) He’s going to get you. He’s on his way. (He escapes like a squirrel.) I’m here too, Daeul. Come here. Come here. (He escapes like an eel.) (Creaking) (Daeul is talented at base running.) (Shall I start practicing now?) (Who will teach Daeul to bat?) Hold it like this. When your sister pitches the ball, you need to swing the bat like this and hit the ball. (He’s Lee Junghoo, the son of Lee Jongbum.) Daeul, you can do it, right? Are you ready? She’s going to throw now. (Take my pitch.) (He swings powerfully.) You almost got it. You almost got it. (What is this?) You can do it. (The grandson of the wind is gone with the wind.) Bye. (Daeul needs to practice a little more.) (So Dom DomI the robot comes to his rescue.) That’s right. (He tries to bunt.) Good job! (It’s a new trick called reverse swinging.) Good job! (Confused) The players will sign a baseball for the kids. I see. Thank you. (For Soeul and Daeul) – Do you have more? / – Yes. One more. – There are 3 people. / – Is there 1 more person? There are three people. – We have one more. / – Yes, we do. There are three people. (Whining) Please write, “To Tiger” on my baseball. – Tiger? / – Yes. (To Tiger) It’s a present for you guys from Van Hekken. – Thank you. / – You’re welcome. – Thank you. / – Good job. Thank you. – Thank you. / – No problem. (He’s shy.) (He laughs off the embarrassment.) (Dom DomI dances for them to help them relax.) (Nervous) (Relax, Soeul.) (Turning) (Bumsoo also gets excited.) (They are today’s pitcher and batter.) (I, Dom DomI, will escort you to the dome.) It’s already time for the match. I don’t think I’m ready to sing. Are you nervous? (She reads the lyrics again and again.) Soeul, you can do well, right? (Bumsoo tries to give her strength.) (She nervously enters the stadium.) Can you see the microphone over there? You can start singing when I say, “Go”. Okay. (The seats start to fill up.) Follow me. (She has to go alone from here.) Soeul, you can do it! The nerve-racking moment is finally here. Can Soeul do a good job? (I need to take a photo of this.) (She needs to sing without any accompaniment.) (Nervous) (The Pledge of Allegiance, Lee Soeul) Lee Bumsoo’s daughter, Lee Soeul will sing for us. (It’s time, Soeul!) (Until the East Sea’s waters and Mount Baekdu) (Are dry and worn away) (She sings perfectly in tune.) (Hurray to our country) (The national anthem sung by Soeul) (spreads throughout the whole stadium.) (She’s very calm.) (Great Korean People) (Stay true to the great Korean way) (Applause) Soeul, you did a very good job. Even professional singers have trouble singing without a melody. Good job, Soeul. I’m proud of you. (Soeul managed to fight the tension.) Now, Lee Daeul will get ready to bat the ball. (The pitcher and batter enter the field.) Hold my hand. Do it confidently. (Having to pitch the ball is also very nerve-racking.) You can pitch the ball when I say, “Play”. – Okay. / – Got it? (Daeul and Bumsoo are ready.) Play! (She sincerely sends out a sign.) (As soon as she’s about the throw the ball,) (she remembers that she needs to hold her leg up.) (She attempts to do a windup.) (Now is the time!) (She confidently pitches the ball.) (Daeul bats the ball unconsciously.) I’ve seen Soeul on TV, and she’s very smart. She didn’t learn how to do a proper windup. – That was cute. / – My goodness. (The baseball match finally begins.) (They are proud.) (The cheerleaders cheer for their team.) Now it’s time to enjoy the match. Soeul and Daeul are having fun cheering. (Bumsoo also cheers excitedly.) (Face-off with the Heroes) (Face-off event) (What is that?) (Do they give us presents?) You need to follow the facial expressions. Let’s go! (They need to imitate the facial expression.) Let’s see how well you can do it. Okay. Great. Let’s see who’s next. It’s Lee Bumsoo. (You can do it, Dad!) (Laughing) Let’s see what’s inside the box. So this is what he needs to imitate. (It’s a photo of a sullen Daeul.) (I can’t believe this.) (I am the original Bumsoo.) Okay. That was great. Daeul, you’re probably going to be next. Show us who’s next. This will be the last one. (The last person to get chosen is Soeul.) Let’s see what’s in box number two. Let’s see who she will kiss on the cheek. (She quickly gives Daeul a peck on the cheek.) (I love you, Daeul!) (Everyone became excited thanks to the event.) (She follows the photo like a decalcomania.) – Soeul. / – Yes? Weren’t you nervous when you sang the national anthem? – I was nervous. / – You did a great job. I cried while I sang. – Why? / – Because I was nervous. You cried because you were nervous? You did great. Daeul, do you think Soeul sang well? She was great, right? (Thank you, my brother.) Soeul, when I shot the movie “Superstar Mr. Gam”, I practiced pitching the ball so many times. Bumsoo is a legendary pitcher who has a lot of experience on the mound. (“The Goblin” was his rival.) With Gong Yoo as his rival, he used to play pretty tenaciously. My shoulder hurt later on. Was it okay for you? Really? Good job. Daeul, didn’t Soeul do a good job pitching the ball? What do you think? (You’re the best.) (I give you my acknowledgement.) Are you saying you and I did well? Then what about Dad? Did I do a bad job? (How can you betray me like this?)

49 thoughts on “Soda siblings turn up at a baseball stadium!! The Return of Superman / 2017.05.14]

  1. I will miss SODA siblings soooo much 😭😭😭 So Eul did a great job at singing the national anthem and the pitch of first ball. Da Eul is so lovable.

  2. Imma proud aunty. Gonna miss Soeul Daeul so much! Let's meet in the future, be healthy and happy kids~~

  3. so saad, they're one of my reason why I keep watch the return of superman, I just love how these siblings interact one another and show great amount of love and understanding between them

  4. when triplets leave this show, i was stopped watch this show then SoDa couple came, and am falling in love with them. TT i'll miss them ..

  5. I am inspired by Seoul's courage. even at a young age, she is really a great daughter to Lee Bumsoo and his wife and a great sister to her brother Daeul. even though they are leaving the show, I am just hopeful to see them grow beautiful each day. thank you Lee Bumsoo for sharing your family esp your kids to national tv. 😍

  6. Lee Bum Soo is an example of wise father.. Because he's older compared to other fathers, I love the way he teaches his kids about life and stuff.. No wonder the kids are becoming wiser every day..

  7. Sodaaaaaaaaaa…. Will miss Souel and Daeul sooooooo much! One the only reasons why I watch Return of Superman. By far my most favourite siblings and family to watch!!!! Come back soon pleassssssseeeee.. Such beautiful, smart, caring , cute and polite children! Well done to Mr Busam and his lovely wife for raising such adorable and well-mannered children, especially the amazing Souel!

  8. hmm, after watched all family in this show, i am totally sure all the father in this show are very wise, caretaker, responsible and they are so reliable to raise the children.

  9. Đi đau lm j ổng cx mang theo con gấu bông hết. Đã zj còn màu hồng nữa chớ. Cute qá đi. Nhìn giống hệt chen exo lun á. 😆😆

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