Softball Overview : How to Break In a New Baseball/Softball Glove

Hi my name is Jill Weiss and I’m going to
tell you a little bit about how to break in your softball or baseball mitt. First thing
you want to do is usually when you buy a brand new glove is the stiffness of the glove. You’re
going to want to soften the leather, any way you can. Kind of what I do is, take some shaving
creme kind of spread it around inside and outside of the glove. And then you’re going
to take two softballs, and you’re going to place them inside, inside the glove to keep
it open, then you’re going to take like a rubber band or a piece of string and you’re
actually going to wrap the string around to, to tie it up. Once it’s together you can grab
any type of plastic bag set it in there you know tie tie the bag and let it sit over night,
you know that way the shaving creme and everything will soften the leather and the balls inside
will actually form the shape with the deeper pockets inside the glove. The next day when
you take it out, grab a rag or a towel something like that so you can clean out the, the inside
and outside of the glove to just clean out the shaving creme, then take it out and just
using it in practice you want to try and make sure you get the glove nice and soft and fitting
to your liking before you actually use it in a game so, that’s kind of the most important
thing in softening a softball glove. Again my name is Jill Weiss and that’s just a little
bit about how to clean a softball glove.

22 thoughts on “Softball Overview : How to Break In a New Baseball/Softball Glove

  1. Is the shaving cream better then the stuff you buy at the bball stores?
    Or is it the same stuff and I just been paying a whole bunch for something i thought i needed!

  2. uhm i have a baseball glove and does it matter if i play softball with a baseball i need a softball glove and why does it hurt everythime i catch it

  3. ummm all this is stupid DO NOT run it over in the car and i wouldnt use shaving cream either i would go to a local sporting goods store and purchase some neats foot oil or a glove butter and apply it rember a little goes a long way then the best thing is to do is just play catch with it that will work 100%

  4. @skoric60 I used Vaseline on a couple of gloves, it seemed to have worked… It's not bad i can tell you that, i'm just not sure if it works as well as it should.


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