Softball Overview : How to Buy a Softball Bat

My name is Jill Weiss, and I’m going to tell
you a little bit about how to buy a softball bat. First thing is is you want to keep in
mind that you are most likely going to spend between fifty dollars and two hundred and
fifty dollars. Just kind of depends on how serious you are. You know, what kind of athlete
your your child, or or is is going for. Main thing is is there’s different types of, you
know, different types of bats. You can do the more bottled bottled bat is what they
kind of call it, or more of an end-loaded bat. As far as an end-loaded bat goes, you
know, it’s kind of just exactly what it says. The most of the power is in the end of the
bat. A bottle bat; it has a larger sweet spot, but it doesn’t, it doesn’t produce as much
power as an end loaded bat. For a younger athlete the way to test it as far as size
goes and weight is you want to have em’ hold it with their their bottom, their dominant
hand, maybe choke up about an inch, and they, and and then hold it out, and they should
be able to firmly grip it and and hold it without you know, without it shaking. If it’s
too heavy for the athlete, you know, they’re they can’t hold it, they can’t balance it.
So that’s one way to be able to tell if if the weight of the bat is too heavy, or you
know, if it fits. As far as size goes, you know, it ranges anywhere from the length being
real young, twenty-seven, twenty-eight inches to all the way to thirty four. Obviously,
taller taller girls usually use the longer bats. Slappers; if you’re, you know, on the
left side, or or if you’re trying to reach that outside pitch you’re going to want to
use this a longer bat; a thirty-three inch or even a thirty-four inch. There’s different
brands. The main thing you would want to do is just asking coaches, asking different,
you know, sales reps on on the different brands. So that’s just a little bit about, you know,
going going about buying a bat. My name is Jill Weiss, and that’s just a little bit about
buying a bat.

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