Softball Overview : How to Put Together a Slow Pitch Softball Batting Order

Hi, my name’s Jill Weiss and I’m going to
tell you a little bit about how to put together a slow pitch batting order. There’s a few
different ways that you can put together a batting order. You can, a lot of teams do
the faster, faster players at the beginning, also at the end. So first and second usually
are very quick, quick runners, they put the ball in play, they have high on base percentage.
Same thing with the ninth batter, eighth and ninth batter. Those are usually also quick
short game, slaps, bunts, things like that. The core of your line up is usually third,
fourth and fifth. Third, fourth and fifth batters are usually the core of the line up.
You’ve got your power hitters, number four, that’s usually the clean up position. That’s
the power hitter that can bring those runs in and same thing with the third and the fifth
batter. The fifth batter, they’re the ones just kind of like the first, they’re the ones
after the clean up brings in all those runs, the fifth batter usually also has a high on
base percentage. Six and seven, those are your contact hitters, things like that. Depending
on if you’re batting the whole line up, you could have twelve or thirteen hitters on your
line up or you can just do the straight nine, depending on the rules and regulations. My
name’s Jill Weiss and those are just a few tips on how to make a slow pitch batting line

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