Sölden to go #04 – Gletscherschauspiel HANNIBAL 12.04.2019 | Winterseason 18/19

Hello and welcome to a new episode of “Sölden to go”. On Friday, 12 April at exactly 7.30 pm, Rettenbach Glacier in Sölden will be transformed! It becomes one of largest natural show stages in the world – as every 2 years the breathtaking and legendary HANNIBAL Glacier Spectacle takes place here. That’s why we are going to meet Ernst today, he is the initiator and he has been here since the very first edition. He coordinates all the artists and performers of the glacier show and will take a look behind the scenes with us. For all the spectators who have never seen Hannibal: could you please mention a few special features which make the HANNIBAL Glacier Spectacle so unique? Hannibal is unique as a whole because the stage is so huge, almost unimaginably big, the most giant theater stage in the world. It boasts about 6 cubic kilometers, there are almost 500 persons involved/performers. And of course, there is also a huge number of motorized vehicles on the natural stage. We are talking about historic aircrafts of the Flying Bulls, base jumpers, paragliders, parachutists, speed-gliders, skidoos, motocross riders and dancers from around the globe. The theater begins with an encore which is usually at the very end. On the glacier all spectators should dress warmly. Our “elephants” are 37 snow-grooming machines and their drivers from Sölden’s mountain lift company – a brilliant team of performers. As you can see, we are in the middle of construction works. Can you show us some props or explain us what they are used for in the Hannibal Glacier Spectacle? Hannibal is a huge glacier theater, in the center of the theater there is a giant pyramid – which is behind us. Additionally, we need large elephants made of snow as well as boats made of snow and a huge lighthouse. And the most important fact is that the elephants from Africa are snow-grooming machines of Bergbahnen Sölden. What is part of the preparation work and how long do the rehearsals last? Actually the Hannibal rehearsals started in January in New Mexico, at the University there. Together with the whole choreography by Donna Jewell. And the construction works for the pyramid, boat, lighthouse and elephants are now well underway and start around the 1st of March. Hannibal already exists since 2001. Is it worth visiting more often and do you come up with something new every time? Going to a Hannibal performance only once is like falling in love only once. There is no help for it: experience shows that most people come 3 or 4 times to understand the whole spectacle. The simultaneity of Hannibal and the big stage make it absolutely necessary to watch the performance 3 or 4 times. Our recommendation for visitors of the glacier spectacle: first hit the ski slopes in Sölden and explore Rettenbach Glacier on your own. Everything looks much bigger and even more imposing up here. Perfect! All those who still don’t have a ticket can order it online. The link is shown below. And now we hit the slopes and explore Rettenbach Glacier. We both look forward to Friday, 12 April at Rettenbach Glacier. Everything is very promising: we have action, we have fun, it will certainly be a great spectacle. Shuttle buses are available from all over Tirol, and please don’t forget to dress warmly! If you have any question about the event, please write a comment. If you enjoyed it then leave us a like or subscribe to our channel. Maybe we will meet at the glacier – because we are definitely there. So see you soon, “pfiet enk”! And ciao, bye-bye.

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  1. Hallo, meine Frau hat Ihre Skischule online gefunden. Ich freue mich, dass ich mich für das Lernen anmelden kann, aber es wird einen freien Platz..? Morgen verlassen wir Berlin nach Sölden

    Vielleicht bis bald 😃

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