Sonic X Episode 10 (Japanese) – Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team

S, O, N, I, C, GO! S, O, N, I, C, GO! GO, GO, GO, GO, LET’S GO!! Yesterday’s rules are simply loose today The best goal is to break them If I don’t keep running There’s no other meaning It’s a punk philosophy Biorhythm is a two-time rhythm The scenery instantly becomes countless lines The wind envelops me Inside Outside attack Surpass everything altogether I won’t let no one and nothing go forward Inside Outside, Go! Sonic!! Everything altogether Yes! Sonic!! “Watch out” and “Have a nice” are similar That’s right – both are by the skin of your teeth Throw boredom away and start running right now S, O, N, I, C, GO! S, O, N, I, C, GO! GO, GO, GO, GO, LET’S GO!! It’s regulating the Chaos Emerald energy pretty well. It’s in excellent condition. It sure feels good! The Chaos Emerald is… What is it? Something is pulling the aircraft. It’s responding to something. There must be something there! No! You can’t land on the turf! What? Hey mister! Mister! What are you doing? It’s a talking fox! I’m sorry! I just… The Chaos Emerald started glowing and… Will you please hear me out? I want to believe you but… So that plane I just saw was yours. I’m sorry if I scared you. Anyway, this is a beautiful stadium! The turf is shining. Diamond Stadium has the best turf in the world. I’ve been taking care of it for decades. You have? Yeah, but today’s the last day for me. The Diamonds, led by manager Emer Johnson, are moving to a domed stadium with artificial turf. Therefore, this place is going to be demolished. Emer also liked the turf here. By the way, you were saying something about an emerald? I’m looking for something that looks like this. It’s called a Chaos Emerald. I have one too! Why? I found it buried under the dirt mound last night. What is that? That light… Dr. Eggman! Please take a look at that! That light is… It seems to be coming from the stadium! Stadium… Baseball… The season for this has arrived. Episode 10
Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team Let’s start with the appetizer. Which fork and knife should you use? Umm… these? These. That’s right! You’re all smart. You’re such good children. Why do we have to learn this? In order to live in this world, you have to learn a lot of rules. I want to collect all the Chaos Emeralds as quickly as possible and go home. Sonic, that’s bad manners. I wonder what’s taking Tails so long to come home. I have a message for you from Dr. Eggman. Open your ears and listen up! What? Eggman? Where did you enter from? You have bad manners! Who cares if I’ve got bad manners! Hey, Sonic! Look out the window. What? That’s… That’s the light from a Chaos Emerald! What? And judging from the intensity of that light, it’s not just one Chaos Emerald! At the base of that light, there should be several Chaos Emeralds. That location is… Diamond Stadium! Stadium! Baseball! I’ll pay you back for everything with this white ball! This robot will automatically begin to hit a thousand balls. Hit? Knock if off! You good for nothing! She has a strong throwing arm. We can use her. We don’t have time for this! What happened? This is what happens when Chaos Emeralds come together. I hope that guy didn’t see it. So it was you, Tails! Eggman! You’re the only one here? Where are the others? Eggman, I’m never going to give you the Chaos Emeralds! What are they doing? They’re late. I hate it when guests don’t show up on time. Do you guys really want to play? Have you guys been practicing swinging a bat? What are you talking about? If there aren’t enough players, I have no business with a fox cub like you! What is this? Oh no! The Chaos Emerald! I got the first one. Now hurry up and give me yours! I don’t want to stay here for a long time if we’re not going to have a game. I’m not going to give this to you! Tails! Tails, are you okay? Knuckles! You came after all! Long time no see, Dr. Eggman. Knuckles! He arrived before Sonic. You must leave here quickly. You don’t have to! How are you, Knuckles? So you came, Sonic. I was planning to get both Chaos Emeralds before you arrived, but… You have enough players for a game. Eggman, give us back that Chaos Emerald! Then it’s time for my players to make their entrance! Come, my robot baseball team! What is that? Amy, I’m scared! Don’t worry. Sonic, I’ll now teach you what real baseball is about. Prepare yourself! Prepare yourself! You can’t play this game at this stadium! We’ll make you eat your words. I’ll show you the spirit of ID baseball. Chuck? So you’re Chuck. Nice to finally meet you. I’ve seen you a lot on the Internet. Not only are you crazy about robots, but also about baseball. Anyway, this stadium has been carefully maintained for decades! Eggman, I believe we can communicate as long as we have a ball and a bat. You’re going to destroy the turf if you play here! Why is that fox cub getting all worked up? Beats me. Shut up! This turf means a lot to him! It’s okay. This place is going to be destroyed anyways. If I remember correctly, you’re… I’m Alfred Butler. I take care of the turf at this stadium. I’ve read about you in the papers! You’re the only man that Emer Johnson has ever complimented! Really? It was a long time ago. I feel so overjoyed to be able to play in such a legendary stadium! Play? If you have all your players, then let’s start! Start what? What’s going to start? Okay, let’s begin the first Chaos Emerald Competition! What are you talking about? It’s the Diamond Stadium Cup Baseball Tournament! Baseball? I thought something like this would happen. One, two, three, four. Well, why not? Are we playing too? I guess so. Let’s give it all we got, everybody! Grandpa, I’m sure that Eggman is planning something. We should be careful. You’re right. His baseball strategy might be focused on running. That’s not what I meant. Let’s decide who bats first using rock-paper-scissors. I’m against this! You’re going to wager a Chaos Emerald over a baseball game? You must have lost your mind! If we lose, Eggman will have two Chaos Emeralds! What a wet blanket. You don’t have to bum everyone out. You’re lame. Lame. You guys! You’re the perfect example of a disgraceful samurai. Stop insulting me! I’m not afraid of anything! Okay, Knuckles. Then it’s all set. Fine, I’ll do it! I’ll do it! I’m going to hit a home run every at bat. Just watch! Play ball! Bring it! Strike! Strike! Strike! Batter out! I can’t handle pitches like that. Good, good! Keep it up! Okay, you can count on me! That’s a strike. Umpire, that’s not fair! He has long arms. It can’t be helped. If that’s how you’re gonna be… Gotcha! She did it! She’s used to hitting things. Out! What? No way. I’m better at pitching than at batting. Sorry, sorry. Strike! Safe! This is ridiculous. It’s an out-of-the-park home run! Nicely done, Sonic! It’s a home run. If you catch the ball outside the fences, it doesn’t count as an out. Why do we have to play by the rules now? This is an anime! Sorry, sorry. Unfortunately, that’s a home run. All right! Knuckles, you’re awesome! Alright, it’s okay! Huh? Are you sure it’s okay? Am I on? Ahem! To all you TV viewers, we’re bringing you a special emergency program starting now! At this moment, an unbelievable sight is occurring before my very eyes! At the soon-to-be-demolished Diamond Stadium, Dr. Eggman and Sonic’s teams are playing baseball! How did this whole thing come about? I repeat! Dr. Eggman and Sonic’s teams are playing a furious game of baseball. The location is… Diamond Stadium! I, Scarlet Garcia, will provide you with play-by-play of the game. SSTV. We only need 4 runs to turn the tables! Let’s give it our best shot! Tanaka! Yes sir! You’re replaced by a pinch hitter! Cheese! Ball! Ball two! Ball three! Ball! That’s a walk! You idiot! You’re useless! Understand? Give it your best shot! Okay. Play ball! Mr. Pitcher Robot! Mr. Pitcher Robot, since long ago, I… Mr. Pitcher Robot! I…like…you… Balk! Since you’re so stupid, she gets a walk! Hooray! What do you think you’re doing? All right! Two consecutive home runs! Now we’re tied! Look, everybody! Hey! Hit a homerun this way! What’s this? What on earth is going on? I hate this! Finish this with the next batter! Strike! I’ll never be able to hit a ball like this. Strike two! Time out! Hey, Chris! Sonic… What’s wrong, Chris? In this game, all you have to do is hit the ball with your bat. But… I can’t hit a super pitch like that. Who says you can’t? That goes for everything, not just baseball. You have to face challenges headfirst. First, you have to swing your bat. Play ball! Sonic’s right. I can’t give up. I have to swing the bat with all my might! Strike! Like I thought, I couldn’t do it. Chris, run! Alright! It’s a passed ball! Safe! I did it! I did it, Sonic! We turned the tables! We did it! How dare they! Playtime’s over! Here you go. Why you…! What? Oh no! My robot malfunctioned and is acting on its own! If left as is, it’ll explode! What shall I do? What? Explode? Damn! He’s trying to get the game called off! I’ll shake this thing off! This thing is stubborn! Sonic! Jump, Sonic! Okay! Don’t do anything reckless! You’re a lifesaver! My strategy failed! However, I still took the Chaos Emeralds! Dr. Eggman won after all! The Chaos Emeralds! It was a fantastic game! It was a lot of fun! Viewers, can you hear the applause? It was an excellent game befitting the end of Diamond Stadium, also known as the Green Jewel. That’s… Manager Emer Johnson! I came after seeing the game on TV. It was a wonderfully spirited game. It’s all thanks to you, Al. This stadium will continue to shine in everyone’s hearts. Emer. I’m thinking about moving this entire turf to the new stadium. Will you help me? Of course! Although he took the Emeralds from us, we didn’t lose something else that was important. Though this concept doesn’t exist in the Major League, today’s game is a tie. Are you ready to go on a journey? Another morning has arrived Change into a new shirt And escape the darkness The sleepless city quietly watches over you again today We begin to go! Don’t be bewildered The waves of time are strong and kind I will come quickly to meet you Shine a light on our world Don’t be scared The waves of time are strong and kind At the other end of the very long road I will come quickly to meet you Let’s find our future The Beautiful, Mysterious Thief Rouge

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