Soweit der Wind sie trägt – Paragliding über den Neckar

As far as the wind carries her Hi, I’m Ela, I am 42 years old and I love to go paragliding. We are here at the Schreckhof. That is my home hillside and I’ve flown here for almost 19 years now. My husband brought me to paragliding through a trial lesson. To find a balance between the job and everyday life stress, I am happy about the nature and to fly with friends on the weekend. For the equipment there are gloves needed and a variometer, to estimate the height. My overall cannot be missed and very important, my helmet.. and now we come to the very important things to be able to fly. There is the paraglider and the belt I will unpack the paraglider now. For this paraglider there is an emergency parachute as well, but it only opens in a height of 50 metres. Every flyer should go through the 5-point-check before he starts, in his mind and also figuratively. That means on the one hand the paraglider should be spreaded arched on the ground. Then you should look at it from the bottom to the top, that the belt, the leg slipknots, the chest strap are closed and the carabiners are clipped in the right way Then you should take a look at the weather station, you should feel, if the wind comes from the right side and you have to check if the flight path is free. Then you should breathe in deeply and start. It’s a little bit of freedom and it’s just that peace… you just hear the wind whistling; you can hear your vario, that tells you what happens in the moment – am I rising falling or whatever. And And then there is that prickling in your stomach and also the competition with the wind. With the thermal I can manage to rise. And then there are these little things that are in your mind during the flight. You also have to look after the other paragliders or hang gliders. You always have to watch out and respect is important. That’s what you shouldn’t lose.

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