Sparkler Test with Ethan! Stump Kitchen Fun

[jazzy music plays] [Alexis singing] Sparkler test! Put it in the butter! Dee, dee, dee, sparkler test! [Ethan] I’m gonna get away from here! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Let’s get some safety goggles! We’re ready to test
the sparklers. [match ignites] [both laughing] [Alexis] Yeah! [Ethan] Yeah! [Alexis] Look how far away you are! [Ethan] It’s melting the butter. [Alexis] It is melting the butter a little. [both] Yeah! [Ethan] We are safe! [Alexis] We are safe! K, what, Ethan, what’s happening with my hair? Can you get it out? Help please! Oh my god. We melted a hole in the bottom of the butter. [Alexis] There’s two —
[Ethan] There’s three! There’s three! [Alexis] Don’t uh —
[Ethan] — test sparklers in butter containers. [Alexis] Don’t test sparklers in butter containers. [Ethan laughs]

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