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[Airport announcements] – [Adam] Oh boy. We got Mitchell Mattson here. We finally found him. We made it to LAX. Here he is. What are you doing Matts? – Chilling, man. – [Adam] Just chilling,
we got a couple hours ’til our flight. Time to go get some food ey. – Mitchell and I had the
idea of studying abroad once we heard about it, and just after getting
more details about it we thought it’d be a tremendous experience to be able to travel to Australia, and just to experience the culture and everything they have to offer. – I really decided that
it was kinda something we wanted to do, and the
more we looked into it, the more it made sense and the
more excited we got for it. – First day of school boys (claps). – Study abroad ey. – [Adam] Study abroad here. Walking to class in Melbourne. – I’m obviously close with Adam, and we had a good bond,
so I knew him going over. But we met a lot of new friends that are athletes here as well. (coach instructs team) – Mitchell and I ran
the idea past Coach Cole and he was all for it. He said as long as you’re staying on top of your strength training
and conditioning. He gave us the green light and he said he was really excited for us to go and experience that. And he really encouraged us to do it and said he wanted to get
other players to do it as well. We both took a upper level ISS class. This one’s called sports and society. And it was basically breaking
down all aspects of sports from the time that you start playing to the professional level
and the media aspect of it. Anything related to
sports we talked about. – I think one of the biggest things that I took from it was that
everybody around the world probably has a different view
than I would about sports. We all have very different
opinions and outlooks on the way that sports are ran. (stadium announcements) – Here we are at Marvel Stadium. Gonna watch some Australian
footie here today. – [Adam] Victoria Institute of Sports, basically a giant training compound for athletes in that area. – [Mitchell] It was
really cool just to see how their country trains
their top athletes. So we learned a lot about what they do on a day-to-day basis with their athletes. And it was just cool for us
to see kinda what they do and then compare it to ours. – It was kinda reassuring
’cause their programs, a lot of stuff that they doing, is very similar to what we’re
doing here at Michigan State. So if you have Olympic athletes doing that and we’re doing it here, we’re obviously doing
something right (laughs). (exercise bike whirs) – [Man] He hit 13. (taps screen) (camera submerged under water) (harsh wind blowing) – Class got early. We got a 98 on our quiz so we thought we’d reward ourselves with a little day down at the beach. (waves crashing on shore) – When you can get away from your regular training environment for a little, you know,
for a period of time, I think that does wonders
from a mental standpoint. Kinda refreshes you, re energizes you. And that’s probably what
this trip did, you know. They were still working
out on a daily basis and doing what they need to do physically but, you know, seeing a new place. And even just the long walks, just keeping your body still moving but at the same time you’re
doing something different. – Big draw for us is that we were able to go over there and continue to work out, and it was actually
part of our curriculum. So that was, I think,
an awesome thing for us and it allowed us to stay in shape while we were over there while also enjoying a new culture. Here we are at the gym in Melbourne. We’re at the AFL’s training facility and they were kind enough to
let us use their weight room. So Adam’s working out right now and we’re lucky to have this area to use. Adam how we doing? – We’re doing good. A little tired, but, you know, I just gotta push through right now. – Always grinding baby. We’re sticking to what
Vorpad planned out for us. Especially in the summer, you’re
really tryna gain strength. You’re trying to load on the
weights and really bulk up. I mean, you obviously wanna
maintain your quickness and stuff like that, so we do
some maintenance type stuff. But for the most part we’re bulking up and we were just doing
what we normally would do. – We’re pushing ourselves,
whether it be squatting, benching, dead lifting, whatever it was. Each day we went to the
weight room we had a purpose for why we were there. We knew what lifts we were doing. We were just tryna get stronger and help prepare for the season. (pumping techno music) (quiet folk music) – [Adam] Think sometimes training and just being around here all the time, sometimes it can be a
same routine every day, so it was nice to do the travel and kinda have some new scenery but also stay on top of our training. And we were able to come back here and just step right back
into the weight room at Michigan State with
all of our other teammates and be right with them and
not ahead of other people. This is one of the coolest
places I’ve ever been to. I’m extremely fortunate and grateful that I had the opportunity
to travel over there. Even just day-to-day
stuff that we were doing, it was just something
that I’ll never forget. – We’re very fortunate to be able to do something like that. As a student athlete, I think often times it’s not really an option
to do a study abroad just because of the length of time and the commitment of
being away from training. But one of the main draws for us was being able to do our training, school, and see something new. So that was a pretty cool aspect that this university offers for us. (cheery folk music) (thumping hiphop music)

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  1. Love that you shared your story! Changes hearts & minds to see from another’s perspective. Thank you Spartans Adam Goodsir and Mitchell Matson Go Green 💚

  2. Love that you shared your story! Changes hearts & minds to see from another’s perspective. Thank you Spartans Adam Goodsir and Mitchell Matson Go Green 💚

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