SPAWN an UNLIMITED AMOUNT of BATS! | Clash Royale Mythbusters #12!

[Music] Yo, what’s going on guys my name is Eclihpse and today I have a special episode of Mythbusters because all of the myths in today’s video are all going to revolve around the Night Witch Now, if you like Mythbusters and if you want me to continue this series Please give the video a like down below Also, if you are new to my channel Please feel free to drop a
subscription down below Because keep in mind, once we hit
1 million subscribers we are doing that face reveal So, with all that taking care of, let’s begin! myth Number. 1! Is coming from Master’s Legacy and he says “Can the Night Witch pop a golem before she reaches the tower?” The Golem is a girl…QUIT assuming genders…unbelievable… Okay, I’m ready for the golems.
Send her right on and I’m pretty sure The Golems’ a girl…. don’t quote me on that but we have to meet the Golem on the bridge
So, right now I’m gonna try to cycle through some cards because I’d like to have a tornado.
With the first Night Witch down We’re gonna have to keep the golem back..
I don’t wan’t him touching my tower So once it’s getting close..HOLD IT DON’T [random screech] Pull the Golem back… I was saying pull the Tornado back
And Oh My God! She…She just did some work right there!
She’s may be able to do that without the tornado at ALL! Let’s give that another shot
Okay, let’s take number 2 but this time we’re not even gonna use the tornado
OR any support troops at all So, the Night Witch’s ready..
There’s the big old nasty Golem up top Can it be done? Okay…I’m gonna be putting the Night Witch
at the bridge right now We gotta give her a headstart with her bat..
Maybe if I put her in the back and her bats accumulated over time, It may be a little bit easier….
But, look at that! Oh My God! The Golem doesn’t even stand a chance
The Night Witch is seriously overpowered This myth right here is CONFIRMED! Myth number 2 is coming from R2sYt
and he says If you freeze the Night Witch, the bats can still move.
Will the Bats move or will the Bats be frozen? Let’s find out right now…
So, the Night Witch is down Their wings are still flapping though!
Okay, this myth right here is CONFIRMED! It’s not like the bats are still flying around and stuff…
but the bats are technically moving because their wings are flapping. And for Myth Nnumber 3 Diego says
‘Can you put the Night Witch behind a tombstone in the corner of the map?’ So, essentially, I’m gonna try to put the Night Witch behind some building in the corner.. and we’re gonna see if we can make our own Bats farm. Okay, so we have the Night Witch ready and the Tombstone ready Here goes nothing…and I’m gonna try to keep my fingers quick with this one She’s in the corner BUT..AWWW….she moved out
I thought for a split second she was stuck. Okay we have the Night Witch down…Seeing if she can go just over and put her in the corner. Okay, apparently not.
So, I know you would be able to do this when the game first came out. So, I figured I’d just revisit it since
this is a new troop. But we’re gonna try it once more this time we’re gonna do it in the opposite corner
So, Night Witch then the Tombstone and she’s in the corner…BUT she just walks right out
So as much as I want this myth to be true unfortunately it is’nt.
So this myth right here is BUSTED! And the next myth is coming from Vanilla Sky YT
and he says ‘Can 4 Night Witches 3 crown. 1 mirrored Night Witch and then put a clone spell on the mirror and regular Okay, Boys! We’re ready to get this one a shot!
I have the Night Witch, the Mirror and I have that Clone spell all ready
So, the Night Witch which is gonna go down Let’s immediately clone her.
I want to try to get as many bats as possible and now right here I don’t want to clone the
Night Witches to die but the Bat should be in the way.
So, right here we have four Night Witches in total. They’re spawning just so many Bats and
let’s just see if they can destroy the King Tower. So they’re all up there right now.
They’re absolutely wrecking that arena tower and this dude.. he doesn’t stand a chance at all.
The Night Witches didn’t even get touched There’s still a lot of Bats left.
Oh My God! That…that was a fast three crown.
Myth CONFIRMED! I am the next myth is coming from Pixie Flare
and it reads ‘Night Witch is a single counter to Elite Barbarians.
So, can the Night Witch beat Elite Barbs by herself? We saw her defeat the Golem but will it’s strength prevail? Let’s find out..
Send those Elite Barbarians in right now I am ready to test this out
The Night Witch is down..let’s see how she does against the Elite Barbs..
Unfortunately one of them is on the tower So, that was..that was a bit of a fail.
I think we need to get this one another shot Urm gangmate.. we are going at this one more time
The Night Witch is down… Let’s see how she does against the Elite Barbs
As you can see she’s stabbing him up Elite Barbs going in…
It doesn’t even get a hit off Oh My God….
The Night Witch must be stopped!! Myth CONFIRMED!!
The next myth is coming from Clash ‘N’ Gaming YT and he says ‘If you rage Night Witch and rocket her.
She will have one hitpoint left. So, I’m gonna put the Night Witch down…
Pop a Rage spell on top of her and let’s just see if her overpoweredness
can help her survive I’m giving my friend a thumbs up that means we are
ready.. The Night Witch is down I’m putting the Rage Spell so just he knows where to aim
the rocket..Let’s go get his rocket accuracy [fart noise]
She… She died. Myth BUSTED!! Moving on to the next myth
It reads ‘ If you freeze a cloned Night Witch..
the cloned Bats will not move their wings but the normal Bats will
So, we tested a similar myth to this earlier on the video and we know that if you freeze regular Bats their wings are still going to flap..
But will the cloned Bats follow in their path OR are they’re actually going to be frozen
Night Witch is down…let’s clone her up the Freeze Spell should be down any second now..
Um..Okay the clone bat split OH..they both still flap
This myth right here is BUSTED!! And it is now time for the final Myth of the video
and this one is from ‘Cr1st1an’ and he says ‘If the night Witch is put against the
river and there is something on the other side the Night Witch will stab the troop
over the water I’m ready to give this one a shot
Put a Royal Giant against the river We’re gonna have the Night Witch ready
just to stab this troop.. Come ON! Where’s that.. I’m..Oh..Oh
OWW!! I was late (×3) Okay..there’s Night Witch and Oo…
She stabbed him over the water Screw YOU Royal Giant!! and just look at how fast she counters this card!!
as well He only got one shot off!
I swear, the Night Witch is Seriously like.. Overpowered or just seriously strange! And that concludes it for today’s episode of Mythbusters Now, if you guys have any other myths that you would like me to test for future episodes…. Please feel free to leave those myths down in my
comment section below Also, I would like to give a shoutout to Dylan
for helping me out with this video But, Guys, this has been Eclihpse
Thank you all for watching and PEACE OUT!! [Music]

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  1. you can teleport a troop to the corner of the opponents arena by using a tornado and zap at the bridge while the troop is attacking the opponent's troops.i hope u understand : )

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