SPICE RACK CHALLENGE: Stump Kitchen Edition!

We’re gonna do the spice cabinet challenge
together! Fist bump! Yeah! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen. This is a very special episode of Stump Kitchen
because we’ve got an awesome special guest. [Kage] Okay I’m here! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! This is Kage! And this is Harriet. [Kage] Harriet has to make a guest appearance
in every video. [Alexis] So Kage has a really awesome channel
called “That Kage Boy”, do you want to just tell us a little bit about your channel? [Kage] I pretty much just upload random challenge
videos and videos about my adventures. [Alexis] You really need to check it out,
like, it will touch your soul and it might make you pee from laughing out loud so much. [Kage laughs] [Alexis] If you want a good laugh, check out
“That Kage Boy”, the link will be in the description below, it’s so great. So Kage is the reason that we’re doing a spice
rack challenge. [Kage] Today we are doing the spice cabinet
challenge. [Alexis] The vegan spice cabinet challenge. [Kage] Ooh yes! Slash gluten free. [Alexis] Mmhmm. [Kage] And I’m kinda nervous. [Alexis] Me too. [Kage] Okay. [Alexis] But we’ve already done our drills. We know how to get to the sink. [Kage] Should we do a practice drill right
[Alexis] Let’s do a practice drill! [Kage] Go to the sink!
[Alexis] Sink! [Alexis] Okay! Did you experience any hazards, Kage? [Kage] No.
[Alexis] No that was a pretty clear path. [Kage] That was good.
[Alexis] Really good. [Alexis] We have water, we have a fire extinguisher… [Kage] Wait, nothing’s gonna be on fire! We just grabbed a bunch of spices, we’re just
going to take a spoonful of every one and hope we can keep it down and guess what they
are. [Alexis] This is new for both of us. [Kage] Yes. [Alexis] We are both newbies on this. [Kage] So, I’ll grab one and do you wanna… [Alexis] Close my eyes? K.
[Kage] Yeah. [Alexis sings] Vegan and gluten-free spice
rack challenge! [Kage] Smell. [Alexis] Smell. Oh that smells nice like something I’d want
to put in my tea… nutmeg? [Kage] No. [Alexis] Ginger! I was close! Kinda… [Kage] Why is it clumps?? [Alexis] Because I think it’s really old. Just use your stump! [Both] Cheers. [Alexis] In your face. [Alexis] Ow it hurts so bad. It hurts so bad! What are you gonna do with it? Oh f#%k it hurts! [Kage] Water makes it better. [Alexis] Did you swallow it? [Kage] I am. [laughs]
[Alexis] Oh I don’t think that’s a good idea. Where’s the garbage? [Kage laughs] One down! [Alexis] So I just realized that this is —
[Both coughing] [Alexis] This is f#%kin’ real life. We are doing a thing together that is really
special and important and hard and terrifying. I have sweat here, do you see this sweat ring? Can we put the garbage closer? [Kage laughs] K, smell. [Kage] Hmm. I have tea like that. Is it, um, that thyme one? [Alexis] Mint leaves. We’re goin’ easy here folks!
k, cheers! [Kage] Cheers every time!
[Alexis] Every time. [Alexis] The texture…. the texture is so
weird. [Kage] I’m getting shivers! [Alexis] Are you gonna swallow this like a
champ? [Kage] I did. Cat nip. [Alexis] Oh yeah! That one was awesome. Mint leaves. Highly recommend those ones. I do not want to do ginger again!
[both laugh] [Alexis] It smells like sugar! Coffee? [Kage] No. Paprika! [Alexis] So paprika is a pepper? [Kage] Oh boy! So we’ll see how this goes! [Alexis] Wait for me! Cheers. [Kage] I’m not ready! K, go! [Alexis] It’s not bad! [Kage] It tastes like sour-y. [Alexis laughs] It tastes like a salad! Paprika! Not so bad! Okay close your eyes! F#%k it’s hard to open. [Kage] Oh is that the nutmeg? [Alexis] Oh you know! [Kage] Yes! [Alexis] Is that a lot? [Kage] Oh no! [Alexis] Cheers! Nutmeg, down the hatch! [Kage] Mm-mm, mm-mm! [Alexis] OH! K that one tasted like if you had a tree and
you pulled the tree out of the ground and you waited ten years for the roots of the
tree to rot and then you ate those rotten roots. That’s what that tasted like. [Kage] It’s just not good. [Alexis] It’s not good at all! [Kage] Holy geez! [Alexis] Oh that is a spicy, peppery one. Is that, um, cayenne? [Kage] Yeah. [Alexis] Yeah! Get ready for tears of joy. Here we go. [Kage] K. [Alexis] Oh!! Ow!! [Kage] That is super hot! Oh now it’s worse! I feel like we should have milk! [Alexis] Oh!! Vegans don’t drink milk!! Did you get it on your lips? [Kage] No it’s like my tongue. [Alexis] I’ll drink milk! I don’t care! Oh no! [Kage] Do we eat something? [Alexis] I don’t know! K, Kage I’m starting to sweat! [Alexis gargles] [Kage] That was on my list of ones not to
do. [Alexis] My sinuses are really clear. Seriously like these spice challenges you
watch them on youtube or you watch them and you’re like pfft it’s not that bad, it’s fine. It’s that bad!! Okay we’ve got this! We’re f#%kin’ pros now! Vanilla time! [Kage] Whoa! You have a full spoon there! Be careful! [Alexis laughs] Kage, don’t make me laugh! I’m gonna spill this. [Kage] Sorry. [Alexis] Mmmm!! Did you drink it?? [Kage] Yeah I like it! [Alexis] Oh my god! [Alexis] It’s time for thyme! [Kage] That’s cheesy! [Alexis laughs] Thanks for pointing that out! [Alexis] Oh is it going in now? Oh god! Oh! It tastes like f#%kin’ sweat! It is never time for thyme ever. [Kage] Is it cornstarch? [Alexis] No it’s egg replacer. This is what vegans use in baking! We’re making a mess!
[both laugh] [Alexis] Here we go! [Kage laughs]
[Alexis] It’s so powdery! [Kage] I feel like my mouth is gonna be shut
closed! [Alexis] It’s like cement! To make a vegan egg you use this powder mixed
with some water and you get a vegan egg, so we have mouths full of eggs right now. [Kage] So should I not drink water?
[Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Something in a bag! Smells like barbecue. Oh! It’s the bacon bits! [Kage] Yeah! [Alexis] Okay you’re ready for this. [crunching]
[Alexis] Oh! Mmm!
[Kage] Mmm! I remember what bacon tastes like now! [Alexis] In the mouth! Mmm! I really like this one. Oh! Kage says no. I didn’t mind that one at all, that one was
nice. Throw that in your mouth, grab some fruit
from the fridge, maybe an ice cube and shake your face up – you’ve got a smoothie in your
mouth already! [Alexis] Let me use my stump! [Kage] Thank you! [Alexis] There you go! Seasoning salt! Oh Kage! [Kage] I love this s#%t! [Alexis] Blech! [Kage] Apparently you don’t. [Alexis] It’s so f#%kin’ salty! [Kage] It’s seasoning SALT. [Alexis] That was like putting 18 salt licks
into my mouth. [Kage] But imagine it on french fries or popcorn! So good! [Alexis] Yeah that would be really really
awesome. [Alexis] Mmm! Oh…Ah! Ah! [Kage] Nope! [Alexis] So that burns you, like, there is
a bit of an aftershock! [Kage] Yeah like my tongue is like hot. [Alexis] Yeah it was like “I’m gonna taste
good because I’m garlic – just kidding! I’m gonna burn you.” [Alexis] Cornstarch, here we go. [both laugh]
[Alexis] There’s no saliva in my mouth! It’s all dried up in my mouth. Everything’s stuck together. Look at my stump it’s covered in it! So we made it to the end! Ready to do the f#%kin’ cinnamon challenge. Don’t try this at home. [Kage laughs] [Alexis] Cinnamon! [Kage] K, let’s go. Hmm.
[both laugh] [Alexis] Okay I get it now. It coats your throat —
[Kage] Ah I’m drooling! [Alexis laughs] Oh it’s burning! Everyone needs to know something that right
here is Kage’s drool. This is the little patch where his drool is. That was the f#%kin’ best. My mouth hurts. [Kage] I lost brain cells from this! [Alexis] And our stomachs hurt a little bit. These are our spit cups! [Kage] Disgusting. [Alexis] Really disgusting. You can find Stump Kitchen on Instagram, Twitter,
Facebook, YouTube and right here in my heart! You can find me in my heart! So where can we find “That Kage Boy”? [Kage] You can find me on YouTube, Instagram… [Alexis] The links will be below. [Kage] Cool! [Alexis] So that was the best! Thank you so much for this great idea! [Kage] Thanks for coming to my house! [Alexis] Thanks for making my mouth hurt. Let’s drink to that!
[Kage] Yeah. [Alexis]Cheers!
[Kage] Cheers! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Kage] It actually touched my mouth! [Alexis laughing] It touched your mouth? [Kage laughing] It touched my mouth!

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