Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro Walkthrough Part 5 (PS1) Final Boss Electro – Ending

those red tracking lasers must be giving
my position to the drones if I don’t take them offline I’ll never get to dr.
Watson’s lab bingo one more to go
hey-ya wouldn’t help to say I’m not the bad guy would it three down three to go is one more left looks like that did it now what happened in here well let’s
hope the computers came through undamaged bingo yeah
sapphires huh now I see there’s anyone gonna get a jewel that size Just My Luck a construction site hey
wait a minute Sandman is vulnerable to water and bat
looks like a water pump if I can get the pressure high enough maybe I can make
mud pies out of our little friend here there we go there to find the valves great a one-shot deal better get the
pressure back up you will stamp us this time it’s working with sand man gets wet he’s
vulnerable NUMA pressure no more pressure no more pressure you won’t stop us this time no more pressure web your way on it and
set no more pressure no more pressure the United Sandman looks like securities made it to
the lab think about what I needed anyway you’ve got to be kidding me oh great
just great well I could hope that electro can’t
read but I guess he could have someone do that forum I’m not too late getting
to that Museum how do I do about the doctor though electro probably still
needs the doctor to show him how the device works so she should be safe for
now let’s hope the electrodes as dim as he looks gotta tell the boss gotta tell
the boss this size gem why would you create a device that relies on something
that not only doesn’t exist but cannot be made by man there must be something
you are not telling me good doctor and I want to know what tonight we hit the museum tonight
in this time that meddlesome bug won’t be able to stop you where are you electro not so fast bug or
tonight you’re not gonna be the only one who gets squashed this is a new low even
for you electro I’m the one you want fool this was never about you this is
about power oh how you doing hey how you doing this is it true believers Spidey’s
headed for a final showdown with electro the sparks are gonna fly that spinner
but if i hero isn’t quick on his feet he’ll find himself in deep trouble
Electro’s managed to block the exit with electricity have to find out where the
source is and shut it down first things first I have to take out
these Samurai wonder what’s hiding behind here electrified swords and armor versus
fists Wow that hardly seems fair for you guys got to find more pieces samurai are really stuff they found a
power suit so I can get out of here so tell me who doesn’t generate say your
kung Fu’s pretty good few more hits and this generators toast we’re relief hopefully I can find
electro get the gem and save dr. watts and a Spider man’s work is never done electro came this way but this isn’t the
turned off exhibit I need to get to the top of this exhibit but electro is not
making it easy for me lightning rings my suppose it could be
worse I think a lightning cascade qualifies as
worse my spider-sense is trying to tell me
something allow me to rain on your parade
wall-crawler and these TVs a barbecue you my spider-sense is trying to tell me
something amid TV so barbecue you remember kids TV eyes the mine ladies and gentlemen this concludes our
tour of the ages of man next the pounding of electro exhibit give it up electro you can’t find the
jewel and you’ve lost your hostage even without the jewel electro is pretty
pumped up better take him out quickly no electro can use everything here
against me try this on for size nowhere to rhyme you I know your router tricks hero zero yellow weddings a joke try this on for size no we’re too high nowhere to run try this on for size try this on for size he of all weddings
a joke try this on for size you I know cut your
tongue frozen to the flagpole hero you can’t win this time hero you
can’t win this time hero lasers this is shitty comes relationships and death
race this time hero Oh by demands stop
quite a man you no joke spider-man
Oh give me the jewel spider-man
give me the jewel or this one dies okay how about a trade throw the jewel and
I’ll send the doc I can fry her before she ever reaches you let’s hope you’re
wrong electrode yeah are you all right uh gonna get the
license plate of that lightning bolt that struck me
where’s electro he left I’m not sure where to I think I might have an idea now in electro your power play ends
tonight tonight says with my god you Elektra will be unstoppable if I don’t
end this here and now you
I have to destroy all four of these conductors to take out the tower they’re try recharging now Sparky you can’t stop me first had to disable the capacitors
along the sides if electro doesn’t flash-fry me first you’ve worked those generators make
electro vulnerable a brick was invulnerable in his lighting
form you know let’s see you power up from a broken
tower electro help yourself avoid electrified minds man if the guy would get wise to this
trick time to poori on this goes to show that good wins because
evil is dumb washed up
what’s this all about earning a new agent full house aces over kings I went again I was never any good at poker oh so
close so close never won for spider-man I’d be a god now which you shut up no no
any other games all I know it’s is poker nah but maybe they know a few hey you
guys know how to play go fish Wes merits a mutant I knew it they’re
the x-men hiring well somebody has to root for the bad
guys I think I know that guy
it’s spider in Gap I could swear you was doing that the last time I pass by here where’d he go all right that’s coming straight out of
your security deposit wow you guys Windows 200 shillings
dangerous oh come on Karl not again this is the third time this week no debugger and no RAM make Dave go
crazy I guess Ben is up to his normal
shenanigans yeah it’s nice texture good contrast Brent this time you are responsible there may be more of them I should look
around you monk me Jim you’re really movement ponies milestones
where you can web-swing until next time true believers eggs LCR

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