Spooky Mystery House Hide and Seek! / #TheBeachHouse

♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘WE GOT IT’ BY O/B/A) ♫ ♫ Michael: Okay guys so in the last video mom was hiding and we all had to find her so he played sardines Michael: It was super fun. We’re still in this creepy old house. But today we are gonna hide and she has to find us Michael: Classic hide-and-seek but in the creepy old pioneer home. We’ve just been playing tons of game Michael: Just trying to figure out a way to get home from here. We still figured out how to get the door reactivated Michael: So let’s have some fun with it Michael: Mr. E sent us here to have fun. Right? So let’s have a good time. Do you guys know where you guys wanna hide? Michael: Okay, let’s go find some good hiding spots. Michael: Okay, James show us your best hiding spot Michael: Alright James, I’ll give you a hand bud Michael: Okay. You trying to get inside there? Michael: What do you want me to do? James: Just like pick me up and put me in there Michael: Okay. Let’s see if I can Michael: There we go Michael: Just sit on that pillow Michael: If you put the pillow in front of you, It doesn’t look like you’re in there, Michael: Okay, I’m gonna shut the doors on you ready? Michael: Okay. James is hidden. Whose next? Michael: Where are you gonna hide out? Let’s go Michael: I’ll shut the door and then you can shut the rest of the way when mom starts looking, okay? Michael: Ellie, where do you want to hide? Michael: These are some good hiding spots in this old house. I feel like old homes always have the best hiding spots Michael: Okay Michael: Where do you want to hide Charlie? Michael: I thought you were hiding behind that chair Ellie? Michael: You don’t want to? Michael: That’s where mom hid. You’re not hiding in the same place as mom are you? Michael: We’ve gotta find a spot quick cause she’s not gonna wait forever Michael: That’s a really good spot Michael: Okay. Okay everybody’s hidden it’s just me and Charlie now. Charlie wants to hide where I’m hiding. Michael: So I think we are gonna go hide downstairs in the basement Michael: You’re gonna come with me? Michael: Okay, you have to promise to be extra extra quiet, okay? Michael: We’re gonna hide down here in the super Michael: super Michael: super creepy basement Michael: Yeah, it’s really creepy Becca: Okay, I’ve been hiding in this room Becca: Waiting and waiting for everybody to be hidden Becca: Ready or not. Here I come Michael: Mom’s coming Michael: Let’s be quiet Michael: No no no. Over here Charlie Michael: Let’s go over here Michael: I’m coming with you. Let’s go Michael: Get on the chair Michael: We have to be quiet now Michael: When she comes, I’m going to hide the flashlight like this Charlie: No Michael: Yeah that way she can’t see us Michael: Is there a spider on me? Charlie: No, there’s none Becca: Where is everyone? Becca: I just heard something Becca: I heard something behind this door Becca: Wait a second Becca: Is anybody in here? Becca: Maybe nobody is in here Becca: I actually don’t see anyone Becca: Corbin Becca: I am so lucky that I found you because I almost just walked away like oh I guess there isn’t anybody in here Becca: Okay, Corbin’s down Becca: I’ve got Becca: four more to go Becca: Anybody under the desk?! Becca: Nobody is under the desk. I think this room is empty. Becca: Good thing it’s a small house. I think I’m gonna be able to find everybody quickly. Becca: I bet you somebody’s behind this… Becca: What?! Becca: Nobody?! Becca: How does that work? Becca: Anybody hiding in here?! Becca: In the bathroom Becca: Is there somebody Becca: behind there? Becca: Oh you actually scared me Becca: Cause I thought nobody was actually behind there. Found Ellie Becca: Three more to go Becca: That means, we have this room no one’s in, that room no one’s in Becca: That room’s no one’s in. And this room no one’s in Becca: So kitchen and laundry room it is Becca: My favorite spot Becca: You watched the other videos you would know! Becca: Or no Becca: No Becca: Nope Becca: Nope Becca: Thought for sure somebody would be in there Becca: Where is everyone? Becca: No. You know what that means? Becca: Somebody is in the basement or the attic Becca: And I don’t want to go in either of those places Becca: Oh no Becca: We have to go in the creepy basement Becca: Okay Becca: Oh wow you scared me Becca: Wow. That was scary Becca: Just James Becca: Hiding behind the body of another Becca: If you wanna see the detail look at the basement of this house Becca: Check out the other videos from this week Becca: Where’s James? I have to find James Becca: I’m so glad I’m out of that basement Michael: What’s this? Michael: There’s this Michael: There’s a pocket over here, it’s got something in it. What is it? Michael: It’s like a note or something Michael: Right here Michael: Door switch Michael: Alright. Let me take it upstairs and show Rebecca Becca: Okay, there’s only one place I haven’t looked. ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Becca: It’s too dark to see. But I think I see a human head! Becca: Where’s the light Becca: Somebody get a light Becca: James. I can see James Becca: Oh wow I found you James. You’re the last one to be found Becca: That was a good hiding spot too. James: The side of my face is wet Becca: Wow, okay, I’ll go get dad to help you out Michael: Hey, Becca Michael: I found something really weird in the basement when I was hiding. Michael: It was inside one of the like handle holder things of that weird chair Michael: That giant chair in the basement. It’s like a note I Michael: I couldn’t read it very well down there. What does it say? Becca: Door switch Becca: Electronic Becca: Battery, antenna and button Michael: Do you think that… Michael: What if this is a schematic? Becca: What if it’s the way out of here? Becca: The way back to our transporting door. Michael: What if we have to find these items to get out of this house? Becca: That would make sense Becca: Let’s try to Michael: Make sure you guys stay tuned tomorrow’s video Michael: We are gonna be looking for these items. Let’s put this in together and I see if we can find a way home. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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