Sporting Champions | Zack Bobrowski

What inspired me to get into badminton
was my grandma, so three years ago I went to her local club and
I started playing with her there and I was like “I quite enjoy this”. I found a club near me, and really
went from there. It’s easily accessible to anyone. Like all you need is a racket, a court… Firstly find the club near you and then just
start from there really, and see how far you can get. But think big, and dream big, and then you never
know what you can get out of it. The start of this year, I had an ankle injury. I wasn’t training for a couple of weeks. I think the main thing is to keep your
fitness up, because if you don’t, getting back into it is quite a big… like, you can feel it. So I think I went to the gym whilst I was
there, and doing less impact sort of stuff to
keep my fitness up, I think definitely keep your fitness up, and rest it as well. Mondays I’ll do three hours of training in
the evening. Tuesday, I’ll also do three hours training
in the evening, Wednesdays will be two hours training… Thursday is will be three hours training, and then… Friday I’ll have a rest day, And then Saturday, If I don’t have a tournament,
I’ll be training for two hours as well. So yeah, quite a lot of training. I do a lot of core and sort of fitness related
training regimes, like ab workouts, leg workouts, and stuff like that to keep the whole body
and everything strong, and ready to go play a big game. The best part about being a Everyone Active
Sporting Champion, firstly the use of all the amazing facilities they have, so I can use them and then get
the best out of my training and badminton, and also the
mentoring days, where you get speak to the professionals
and see what they go through, and really how to aspire to be like them.

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