Sports Fans Try Spelling Hockey Players’ Names

– Today, we are going to try
to identify hockey players and spell their names, which is not gonna go well. There’re so many Hs, and Js, and Vs. – I’m a terrible speller. – It’ll probably be a fail, but we’re gonna try. – Every time one of us
spells something wrong, we’re gonna get a little surprise. Or so I have been told,
it’s probably not good. Typically, you don’t get
rewarded for failure. – That’s cruel. – Pour ice down my back? – Lovely. That sounds fantastic. – This is either Patrick
Kane or Jonathan Toews, I can never remember which one is which, because they’re like synonymous, they’re like best buddies. – Looks like a friendly guy. – Already not happy about
this Black Hawks situation, ’cause fuck the Black Hawks. – Did I get it? It’s my future last name,
I better get it right. I’m kidding. No, no, no, that’s really
creepy, I would never… – Is it Taows? Survey says? Aw, fuck. Of course Toews is T-O-E-W-S. Yeah, that looks more correct. You know, both of these look like words. – I’m rollin with this. Tayves. Damn it. (cheers) – Yeah, I guess I get iced now. I’m actually kinda warm, so this isn’t gonna be the worst — oh nope, it’s the worst. – Oh my god, really? Okay. – Oh, Ove. Alexander Ovechkin, the bear himself. – I’m gonna first spell it
how I think it’s spelled and then I’m gonna change it to how I think it is spelled wrong. O. – O. Solid start, I feel like we’re good there. – Yes! – I put an exclamation point there because that’s how I feel his playing style is. – I’m gonna throw a J in here. O-V-E- J- – This is what I’m rollin with. Ovechkin. Of course it’s incorrect. Why would it be correct? – Ovechkin. Aw, shit! I thought I would have to hockey it up a little bit. – Warm it up for you a little bit. – Thank you. Still gonna be Still gonna be ice though. Really wouldn’t mind
getting one of these right just so I could skip that. (giggles) – Every time, it’s ice cold again. Because it’s ice. – Oh my god! He’s my favorite. Jaromir Jagr. – Jaromir Jagr. – Yes! – Jaromir Jagr. – Yes, he is a national hero in the Czech Republic. (sighs) – Jarmeer Jager. Was any part of it correct? Just put that O in there
so I just barely missed it. No, see, I was so close. – Ready? – Yeah, I guess. So unpleasant, every time. I was like oh, it’ll get better. Nah, it’s not. – Go ahead. Drop the ice. That was more than last time. – Gostisbehere. – He’s German. No, no, no! – This may be wrong. This is probably most likely wrong. Oh no! – Let’s pretend like this might be right but it’s not. How far off am I? – Shane Gostisbehere. I know it’s wrong already. – It’s incorrect. (shivers) – Oh, it went right
down through the bott — no, it’s stuck in there. – Oh my god. (shivers) – Well, we did it! (rock music) – This is both the spelling for a toe and towing your car smashed into one word.

100 thoughts on “Sports Fans Try Spelling Hockey Players’ Names

  1. Actually take Blackie and Four eyes out of the video. Fuckin morons have never watched a game of hockey in their lives.

  2. Im from Montreal Canada and Canadians live for the sport they invented which is hockey I live this sport Jaime se sport

  3. That one chick saying Jagr is her "favourite" looks like she would have been in diapers back when he was in his prime.

  4. "Today I'm going to try and have testosterone levels higher than that of a 60 year old man"

    BuzzFeed soyboys, get fucked

  5. Keith definetely spelled them out wrong on purpose. If you're an NHL fan, how do you not know how to spell Ovechkin?

  6. I was wondering why the girls got almost every one right and the guys got almost every one wrong and then I looked at the channel and saw it was buzzfeed and it all made sense

  7. if anyone answered ghost bear, would that be considered correct? loll… i'd definitely fail that gostisbehere question.

  8. if anyone answered ghost bear, would that be considered correct? loll… i'd definitely fail that gostisbehere question.

  9. I'm a DIEHARD hockey fan. And I even have trouble with the spellings. I can point out every player and say their names but spelling is not the easiest.

  10. My god.. I shook my head throughout video.. how can you not know how to spell some of these names? Especially Ovechkin! One of the most simplest russian last names.. I am Russian myself and even if I wasn’t I would know how to spell it!

  11. It seems that the boys didn’t get the correct spelling of the hockey player’s name. Putting ice on the back is a cool punishment.

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