Sports Memorabilia : How to Preserve Autographs on a Baseball Bat

My name is Walt Case. I own Card Traders of
Austin, in Austin, Texas.We’ve been in business for a little over sixteen years, and we sell
a variety of sports cards, and sports memorabilia. One question that is frequently asked, is
how do I preserve an autograph on an autographed bat? a bat, such as this bat, signed by Ernie
Banks. It’s very critical that, that signature be preserved. One of the very best things
you can do, is to keep it out of any kind of direct light. Even fluorescent light in
a card shop, can damage an autograph. Depending on the kind of ink that is used on the autograph,
also determines as to how volatile it may be, in its response to light. The worst thing
you can do, is to display it in an area, where it can get direct sunlight, because that will
fade the signature, and ultimately diminish or destroy the value of the signed bat, and
you end up with a nice piece of wood, with nothing on it, so please keep your autographed
material, whether it be a bat or anything else, out of any kind of direct sunlight,
because that can certainly damage the signature beyond repair. There are certain protective
devices that can be purchased, that cut out the ultraviolet rays, which are the most damaging
rays to a signature. If you can find those at your local card store, or online, that
might be a good investment, especially for a bat that has a signature of someone, that
is very, very valuable, so please be very careful. Do not expose any of your autograph
memorabilia, to any kind of direct sunlight, even a direct fluorescent light, because it
will destroy the signature.

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  1. i have a picture signed by a hockey player but it was a few years ago and i got the signature on the glass part. any way i could protect it? and could the autograph get damaged from a bedroom light over part?

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