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You know, I’m always looking for ways to sort
of spice things up around the holidays. Fall rolls in, why not just roll with the fall
and choose some things from your produce department or right out of your own garden to create
a festive appetizer tray like this. You see, rather than using bowls, I’ve used some acorn
squash. You can use just about any winter squash. Pumpkins, I’ve used pumpkins as soup
bowls. And in this case, I’ve used an acorn squash to hold this veggie dip. You see, I
love the deep, dark color of these acorn squash. And when you cut into them, you get that beautiful
light orange — it works with all the autumnal colors. On this tray I’ve used some leaves.
In this case, I gathered some leaves from the garden, picked up some leaves out of the
yard and decorated the tray. Used those as the base, added some rose hips, some cheese,
and then, two dishes of some vegetables to go along with the dip. When you’re choosing
these winter squash as vessels, you wanna make sure that they’re stable. For instance,
this one with the stem broken off is perfect. You see, it sits level, it won’t topple over,
and so you could cut it across here, and it would make the perfect bowl. In a case where
you have a nice stem and it won’t stand up, sometimes I’ll cut them on the side like this.
You just wanna make sure you have a sharp knife and cut it evenly across, so that when
you pull this back then it’s level. So you can see how this would make lovely bowl. Then
you just take a spoon and scoop out all the seeds and the insides like this. Now one way
to keep the flesh of this from shriveling, because when it becomes exposed to air it’ll
begin to shrivel, is just take a little olive oil and just rub on the outside like this
and it’ll last several hours longer. You can see, you can get really creative with things
from the produce department. And what’s great about using these vegetable bowls is, hey,
you can compost them or you can cook them later, and you don’t have to clean up. Give
it a try. Hey, if you’ve got some unique ways you’ve used some of these winter squash in
your holiday entertaining, I’d love to hear from you. And make sure you subscribe to eHow

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