‘Sri Lanka is a place where spinners have thrived in the past’ – Ajaz Patel

I think the surfaces like that that offer you a bit of assistance you know it’s evident it’s a spin friendly wicked spin for any conditions so you just got to stay patient and ask good questions of the batsman for long periods of time and we know Sri Lankans a good players of spin so you’ve got to respect that and make sure you put balls in good areas for long periods I think once again it’s a patience game and these conditions once guys are set you know it can be a little bit difficult to get guys out so you’re just going to keep hanging in there for long periods and like you saw both teams head very much in out fields once the partnership was set which means you still had attacking options but you were still covering the boundaries so I think you know you just got to keep hanging and wait for the batsman to make a mistake and play the long game because I mean yes there’s tuned but it’s quite slow tuned so once the batsman’s established they can kind of you know get an understanding of how much it’s going and what it’s doing so you’ve just got to keep keep plugging away and keep putting the ball in good areas I think it’s also I mean for me I started off a lot quicker and as a spin bowling group we we all spoke about you know making sure we figure out what the right pace for the surfaces I believe from the air in there was a little bit it was a little bit more rougher so they were able to bowl a little bit quicker and get a little bit out of the wicket I mean obviously I can’t I can’t see from mind what it’s doing at their end but for me the main focus was finding the right pace for the surface as early as I could and then kind of you know sticking to it and building on that and as we saw later on in the day it probably broke up a little bit more and started going even further so I mean that’s a good sign you know the wickets deteriorating obviously a lot quicker than it would back home but yet I mean I suppose it’s what you expect and spin freely conditions eco Manitou among Cardinals Nokia Android smartphone again we recommend currently yeah we have our set plans obviously we speak about it as Bowlin group in and you know try and work towards those plans but if I tell you now then they’ll know what the plans are so I can’t really you know give too much away but yeah I mean as bowling group we do have a couple of options that we want to go towards and a few plans that we want to work work off to be honest both those guys you know really got established and played a good partnership and you know we were fortunate enough to get them out at the times that we did because we know both of them are capable of playing long innings and betting for a long period of time that’s a tough one I’d like to think I take wickets every week but no I mean I suppose as a spinner you thrive on on wickets that give you a bit of assistance and Sri Lanka is a place where spinners have thrived in the past and spinners have dominated in the past so coming here you knew that the ball was going to turn so it was around kind of figuring out what the right pace would be how players are going to play you in these conditions in and what areas they’re going to look to hurt you and for me that it basically boils down to that you know look at areas where guys are going to try and hit you and try and restrict them on there and and force them to play good shots okay my baler to look yeah android smartphone the chimera come on come on [Music] subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and don’t forget to hit the bell icon for a latest content

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