Sri Lanka vs West Indies First ODI Highlights 2020

three or dies on store it’s the first
one sri lanka and the visitors are the west indies palanca winning the toss
have decided to have a bowl first yeah the popular bands of blaring
excited to have some cricket at home this the first game that sri lanka
playing in 2020 well it’s going to be interesting to see especially with the
position of these two teams and the international rankings who comes out on
top in this series here we go nice and full looking for a bit of
movement experiment with nasan shan occur not lasting too long that’s to the
boundary nice and full che hope he’s a classy player right got that to go to Oh brilliant from
Pereira it’s abrasive arcs well he’d been reaching before the couple of
deliveries ambrus without getting that foot forward and this one beats him all
ends up Sunil Ambrose born for three West Indies
one down for ten shot what a shot been in for quite some time now just
assessing conditions and said enough is enough the slightly over bitched and a
wonderful floor of the but even better perhaps the shot of the day so far
another six back over long off sundar Kane continues and that’s through extra
cover that’s blasted through extra cover che hope for just getting the whiff he
was looking for and the length he boards the googly Oh totally yeah trouble here
sure he’s gone that is for sure frustration Darren Bravo’s gone is not
happy understandably but not the Sri Lankan team don’t think the single was ever on who
and that Darren Bravo caught well short of his ground look very ominous it’s
gone for 39 or 50 two deliveries Western is now 87 for two or what a shot may not
go all the way in fact a couple of bounces and four and this is over a top
book from rust on chase who’s all the way for six as well so he’s targeting
that long off position and did so a good effect be careful is the length people
weep it up inside the circle he can’t go that full inside a slower delivery from
no.1 Pradeep can understand what raphson chase was after meat off in the circle
good slower delivery when teed it over the offside just got that inside edge
could have gone anywhere but it’s 41 in just 45 deliveries question is no 172
for 3 after 36 that should be four just wrap it up with into the 90s not sure
hope for you this was beautifully played Warren came dismissal panic aspirin but
it was another slower delivery from Adana another slower delivery farted hi on the
bat simple catch in the end 11 from 12 deliveries the Western is now 193 before over the top he goes what was that well
we’ll have another look at it to make up our minds go and pull our dicks West
Indies fast 204 or just a bottom hand jab on a long way Geoffrey can you pick
it up for us please that’s what it is top edge it’s on the
can son the can gets underneath it and holds on to it that’s a big one Byron
parts gone Sara getting it right this time little bit too high for him to keep
it down and straight down the throat of fine lady
Aaron Paulo for Nine West Indies no to seven four five make that 100 stunning hundred really
good hundred team under a little bit of pressure early on good partnership with
Bravo but he’s held his nerve throughout the innings nine to all the 800 for a
Seahawk yeah you called it kind of felt that he was just starting to boil up a
little bit he realized he can’t just knock it down the ground but he too is
gonna join in try and finish this innings brilliant bowling again it was a
slow ball and he’ll have to walk off but as he does he has done a terrific job
for his team and straight slow ball does ricocheted off both legs onto the stop
she will be part one excellent 115 Weston is no 234 six Chipping Tain’s Oh Ana mixer and a
mix-up I wanna miss that one a brilliant bit of fielding they’ve been outstanding
throughout this innings this time confusion and miscommunication between
chemo Paul and Jess and voila yes no yes No
in the end run out Angela Matthews Weston is now two hundred and forty four
seven and that’s gone for six that will help will get them up to well they
should get to be on to 65 to 70 now powered down the ground will go all the
way for six power down the ground – not quite finished with a boundary that sort
of sums up Sri Lanka’s day in the field bit of desperation and good reward for
it but we’ve got a really good game on here 290 they will have to chase Sri
Lanka that’ll be the highest run chase on this ground if they can do it Sri
Lanka will need to chase 219 runs from the 50 overs just under six runs per
over to try and win this first game of three so a couple of slips in place early playing miss alongside me Geoffrey
do a very good afternoon to early aggression just picked up and deposited
dirt to the deep midwicket boundary right right today absolutely no problem
I’ve got off to a bit of a flier here just punch down the ground it was
effortless really with any flourish but beautiful timing again that’s not timed
perfectly but the outdoors pretty quick and no real chance to chase that down
for L sorry Jose if we might just abused that to get loose
I wish the Fernando has other plans doesn’t allow him to how easy did that
look that’s the four six off innings from rust on Cheers choosing the right
option straight back was the side screen punch down the ground and that’s a
boundary it’s a good way to end the over the 50 to the McDonough Ratna he gets
there before discover Nando off just 52 delivery 7/4 just to remind you about
the 50 moment dudes lovely on Drive Thru me Don just makes it nicely with a firm
butter man and a wait wait I think he’s gonna send him this time that he had Nick did he straightaway
walked I think the Nick was too thick I did look back he did look back I’ll tell
you he did look bad he’s done a good job Colonel Rodney 52 and 57 and that’s a
50/50 number three for Vista Fernando don’t forget he’s already got a hundred
against the West Indies now got a fifty and an important one they’re very
confident they’re asking for the catch and it’s given I think I wish go
Fernando straight away walked I think he knew he had nicked it pitched up and
just got that edge he could see was well away from the pad so that zone couldn’t
have come from anything else but the bat that is 50s 121 no for two and that’s
nicely played away nobody will stop that big shot
massive shot and it’s gone a long long way and that’ll just relieve a little
bit of pressure that we’re just beginning to build just a shimmy dollar
pitch good flow of the bugs simple simple as you like it was another full
toss and Mendes gifted him back with his wicked nice loopy full toss and trying
to get it over long one only gets it to sorry Joseph for kusa manda C goes for
23 lankan no 153 for three that’s gonna go for four they asked for it
nothing from umpire Wilson they do have a review they do have a review they ask
for it Mitch go back to pole on field or spike when
it’s the bottom of the bat you’re on screen now to review is they got that
wicket back-to-back wickets Waldo Indies and mafia scores for five of just four
deliveries 168 for four Sri Lanka that won’t help a
little bit of luck no real control on the shot 200 out of good shot but will
it be taking it off yes they take on wards has got the wicket and he’s pretty
good with the ball a couple of wickets and brave as well he just got it up
above the eye line and that tempted then enjoy it down the pitch
that’s an excellent catch running forward not easy to judge chemo pulled
us really well building throughout the day has been good so West Indies very
much in it now they needed that wicket and enjoyed a silver going for 18 201
for five now nicely ripped away on the outside that’s
a boundary so much of power in the air it’s taken a deep a deep squat leg
that’s another good catch hands on head another look swing either way on the on
side is it clean that’s the question yeah I think it’s quite clean it is
clean but they continue to pick up wicked see the West Indies they’re very
much in this game it’s going to be a crackerjack of a finish here 215 for six
Pereira out for forty two that’s gone square he was a little bit too close a
point he was getting closer as well the width unloving I wanted to have
surrender to go square goes down to back what scar leg all the backward square
leg for six short delivery but rail another wicket it’s going all the way
for six I don’t think this is what you were worried about Fela there feel there
takes it another soft dismissal here at the ground a short ball the field was
set for that very disappointed there he goes for 32
sure Lankan no 253 for 7h number 8 for West Indies chemo Paul we could take up
another cut out the wicked there I’m a timely wicked as well
Donna goes without scoring hammers he’s got a good piece of that war he tries so on fantastic
scores up mine how about that for timing wanna go hustle Ranga Jesse da da cidade
it’s also I know ball sri lanka sri lanka in home
the highest successful chase at this ground it’s a second highest successful
chase against the West Indies Srilanka contributions all around corner
Ahtna of each go Fernando half centuries but one into her sir Angus 42 what’s the
difference al sorry Joseph was brilliant with the ball phase three four forty two
Blanca then win by one wicket let’s get to the those strike the demands on like a
sketch on

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